Hard Work Pays Off

For the last few months, I’ve been working my butt off.  A lot of things have happened recently.

First of all, the wonderful manager of WAR Chest took a well deserved trip.  So for the past 6 weeks, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work in the store on Friday’s.  It was so much fun!  I absolutely love talking to people and doing everything in the store!  I can’t think of one thing I dislike. 

She has also asked me to help plan events for the boutique, which I am so excited about!  Event planning is one of my favorite things to do.  It’s challenging, keeps me busy and I love coming up with creative new ideas! 

Not only that, I’ve been taking some photographs of volunteers as models.  This is something so new to me.  I love photography, but I don’t typically take photos of people so I’m learning the best ways to pose people and how to direct them to create the perfect shot.

Through that work with the boutique, I’ve been contacted by a local fashion blogger to potentially take photos for her blog!!  I should be meeting with her soon and I am so excited!  Also, a volunteer wanted to hire me to take photos of her grandsons.  How exciting is that?  I can maybe start making a little extra money doing something I love and continue to perfect my skills.  With student loans to worry about, any extra income would be wonderful.

I’ve taken over the Instagram account for Feral Fixers, a local cat rescue.  I’ve also been working more of their events and trying to help with marketing as best I can.  They’ve been working so hard to place so many cats and kittens in a home.   If you live in the Chicagoland area (especially Dupage County) check them out!

On top of that, I’m still doing a fundraising walk with my sister, my best friend Kristiii and my sister’s friend for Mutual Ground and I’ve just signed on to run a 5k for Traffick Free.

Finally, my pride and joy.  The last few months I’ve been working on a seminar to raise awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault.  I have been emailing back and forth with Benedictine University and finally scheduled a time and reserved a room.  They have been so immensely helpful, I can’t even put into words!  It’s been really long days and nights, scheduling photo shoots for marketing material, editing those photos, adding our information, writing event details, setting up accounts, sending out press releases hoping to be picked up by someone, creating contact lists and so much more. 

I’ve been working so hard to get everything together and it is finally happening!  So far 9 people have officially registered and we are hoping for many many more.  I am getting to the point where I am almost completely exhausted, but so excited at the same time.

If anyone is interested in coming you can register at www.1is2many.eventbrite.com

I can’t thank the people who have been helping enough and I’m so excited to see the outcome of this event! Keeping my fingers crossed!

♥ Meggie


International Women’s Day

I haven’t posted a long blog in a while.  Last night I made a mini post, but today will be my first big post in a while.  I’ve been so busy with school and everything else!

To start off with HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY!  Today is a day to celebrate being a woman!  My friend got really into it.  She started posting on my Facebook wall.  This video here is one I really liked, it will really make you think.  THEN she posted this great idea that she read in a blog!  Take a picture of in your high heels to show your support for International Women’s Day!  Here’s my photo!


Now, some may believe that wearing heels to show support for International Women’s Day is ridiculous and somethings objectifys women.  I, however, believe no such thing!  Women don’t have to dress like men to be equals to them!!  I can strut around in my fancy heels and feel great and feminine and powerful!  I’ve mentioned this in a bunch of different blogs, but it’s true!  Why can’t I look feminine and enjoy dressing like it and still be equal to men?

Anyways, take the time, if you’re a man or woman, to appreciate the women in your life not only that, I urge you to take the time to think of women in other countries or in our country, women who don’t have opportunities, some of the opportunities we take for granted.  Think of your female heroes!

As women, we have come such a long way and thinking of everything my grandmothers have lived through.  They lived during a time where women just had the right to vote, they started working when women were more accepted in the workplace during World War II.  Now, I’m going to graduate college and I could become a CEO if I wanted to!  It’s crazy to me to think that something like that wasn’t possible before!

In the U.S., we still face obstacles, the glass ceiling in the corporate world, unfair wage differences, perceptions on femininity in comparison to our capability, meaning that the more feminine we appear with make up and heels, the less seriously we are to be taken.  In other countries, women still don’t have the right to vote or the right to live in safety.  Hopefully the world will continue to change and I feel so lucky for the opportunities I have  that my grandmothers didn’t when they were 22 years old!

Enjoy being a woman! Love it, embrace it!

SIDE NOTE:  If anyone hasn’t read my blog from yesterday, please check it out.  You can read it here.  I’m currently trying to find a home for an abandoned female Pit Bull.  She is being held in the Chicago Animal Control and is scheduled to be euthanized Monday, March 11th.  I’ve contacted some rescue facilities for guidance on how I should proceed and they say they can’t pull without a foster, especially when it is a Pit Bull.  No one wants a Pit Bull because of stereotypes about the breed, which couldn’t be farther from the truth.  The post contains contact information and a photo.  Please help me find a home for her, even if it’s just a temporary foster home.  We just want to keep her from being put down and then we can focus on finding her a forever home.  Thank you.

Second Star to the Right and Straight On Till Morning


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