My Body

For the longest time I was neglecting my body.  During the past few years of my life, I had thrown myself into my work extensively seeing as that was my only social outings since I feared an angry consequence if I went out for any other reason.  I was exhausted, eating poorly and really not happy because of the way I felt.

I have finally started getting back into a workout routine.  My best friend Kristiii wanted to run a 5k so that was my challenge.  I began to run and bike again as well as throw in some strength training.  My goal was to not be completely exhausted while running, I wanted to comfortably run a 5k, no matter the time.

Of course I’m liking the results.  I like the way my body is changed, the muscle definition, lost inches around my waist, but over all I love being in shape.  I love how I am feeling better, happier, healthier.   I enjoy the ability to run for 30 minutes.  Now I can say it’s easy and slowly push up the pace on the treadmill.  I love being able to ride 38 or 50 miles on my bike and only feel slightly tired, not at the brink of death.  It’s fun for me to push my body (in a healthy way) and accomplish new goals!

I also work out to relieve stress.  I am an exceptionally high strung, anxious person.  I’ve met a variety of people who deal with their stressed in so many ways, from having a few drinks with dinner to reading books.   Working out for me is a safe way  I can release all of my energy and afterward, I feel so accomplished!! I succeeded at something that was challenging at one point in my life and now is not.  Not only is my stress gone, but I also have something that I can feel proud about.

I am constantly setting new goals for myself to accomplish and I am having a blast!  Right now, I’m working on running a 5k (3.2 miles) in a half hour.  I’m pretty close too!!  I just ran 2.8 yesterday, so I’ll get there eventually!

I truly feel wonderful, invigorated, empowered, successful!!  This is just a continuation of the positive things happening in my life and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

What are some ways you relieve stress??

♥ Meggie


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