My Revised Love Letter

I have written a Love Letter to myself in the past, you can read that if you click here.  However, life goes on.  We change, have new experiences, meet new people that change our perception and grow as individuals.  Therefore, our love and our life is in constant flux and that is wonderful.  That is what makes life stunning and mysterious and wonderful.  For a while I lost sight of that, so to refocus, I decided to revise my love letter

Dear Me,

The first part of your original letter, keep that, but really believe it this time.  You rock those stilettos, dresses, business suits, jeans, leather jacket or sweatpants. Don’t change your style and embrace your body, love your body.  It does so much for you!  Keep laughing and smiling.  You have a wonderful laugh.  You have this incredible ability to smile in the hardest times and get through it.  You’re a survivor and you always have been so get it together girl!  Get it together and really laugh again!

I know you’re anxious, that’s ok to an extent.  It’s ok to be cautious at times, but just let life flow, stop over analyzing, stop over thinking.  Lay back and enjoy this stunning ride before you miss every second of it!  You always get so caught up on flipping to future pages, trying to see what is going to happen next, trying to make sure you won’t get hurt or can trust who you’re with, you’re going to miss what’s right in front of you!  You don’t have to be like that anymore. 

You are surrounded by people now who love you, people who care about you so let go of the person who hurt you.  I know you couldn’t trust him, I know you couldn’t feel safe around him and I know it’s hard to get through it, but you have to let it go.  Learn from the past so it doesn’t repeat itself and move on.  The people who you are with now ARE NOT HIM.  They don’t hurt you, they don’t lie to you, they don’t deceive you.  They take care of you, they protect you, they listen to you, they support you, they care about you and that is the most important thing in life, to be surrounded by people like that.  You have the most amazing friends in the entire world.  Don’t push them away because you over think, just enjoy it, enjoy them and love them back with all of your heart.  Please don’t lose sight of what is right in front of you because you’ll end up losing that and that will be one of the biggest mistakes of your life.  What will happen will happen and everything will always be ok.  Do you know why? Because your past is NOT your future.

I know those are things you have to work on, but I’ve also seen so much growth in the last few months.  I see you’re returning to the woman you used to be..  What I mean by “you’re returning to the woman you used to be” is not that you have become stagnant as a person because you haven’t, you have changed and grown and met new people who have enriched your perspectives.  What I mean is that your love for the world is coming back, your thirst & NEED for travel, your confidence, your strength.  At times you back down, you go back to this meek, passive shell of a woman you were for 2 years so stop that!  Stay strong.  The people around you love that about you, and I most importantly I love that about you!  I love your strength, intelligence, adventurous nature, curiosity.  To be honest, you’re pretty freaking awesome so stop holding that back and just go for life like you used to!  Keep growing, keep changing but never lose the core of your being, your passion, your drive, your confidence and if someone can’t deal with that then they aren’t worth your time. That is what I love the most about you and what I always have loved the most.

Here are some final thoughts that I want you to remember every single day.

1. Don’t lose yourself again, you lost yourself for over 2 years.  The core of your being is a strong, loving, loyal, confident, intelligent, stunning young woman who has the entire WORLD in front of her to explore!  You are too young to waste any more of your time lost, come back to me because I love that about you.

2. Always accept change. As people we grow and change so embrace it!

3. STOP OVER THINKING! You’re just going to push people away and stress yourself out to the point where you aren’t healthy.  Both of those outcomes aren’t good for anyone at all.  Marvel in the wondrous mystery that’s in front of you.  You’re happy, why should anything else matter?  You are so happy you can’t even use words to describe it so why think more of it?  Don’t push people away and don’t stress yourself out.  Just love what you  have.

4. Don’t lose sight of your life.  You are doing what YOU LOVE.  Not everything is perfect quite yet, you live at home, insurance isn’t really your thing but time changes those.  Those things are easy to change.  You have PASSION and INSPIRATION!  Those are things people have a hard time coming by and when you lose those, then that’s just not living.  Seriously, have you looked at what you’re doing? Have you looked at the people you’ve helped, you’ve impacted, the work you do? How many people get a chance to truly do what they love and be passionate about it?  Far too few that’s for sure.  You are one in a million who has the confidence to fight for and work at what you love.  Never stop fighting.

5. Also can you be just a bit less stubborn?  Stand your ground, but in other situations you can afford to be a bit less stubborn. 🙂

6. Start really dreaming again, not just kinda dreaming, like you have been for too long, but really DREAMING like you used to.  Fill your head with hope and faith and take a deep breath and jump in.  Get out of this country, go to a new city, camp, backpack, swim in the ocean, crawl through a cave, see the world’s largest ball of twine!  Nothing it out of reach, remember? That’s what you used to say to yourself so start saying it again.

7. Most importantly, I want you to say this to yourself, to us, every single day.  You are amazing, you are to be valued, you are to be respected and that means by you too. Don’t discount yourself or think you aren’t capable of something because you are capable of anything and everything.  Look at what you’re doing, look at what you’ve been through, look at the kind of person you are.  Value yourself, love yourself and don’t ever lose sight of you again. I’ve missed you far too much.

I look forward to reading the next chapter of your life.

With all of my love,



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