The Protesters

A few Saturday’s ago, I saw those protesters. . . .again.  They are out there every day in front of whatever building it is.  I’m not sure if it is a Planned Parenthood or an abortion clinic, but it’s something along those lines.  They stand there with their signs accusing  the women of murder or terrible graphic images.  Overall, their signs are really just mean, simple as that.

Now my opinion is that abortion should not be allowed except in extreme cases such as rape or incest or something along those lines.  I believe strongly that if it is a consensual act between two people that they child should not be aborted because of that.  There are consequences for having sex, you could get an STI, you could get pregnant or you could end up being a dad.  I don’t have sex because I know I cannot handle the possible consequence of having a child.  I am not financially stable enough to have a child nor am I emotionally ready to have a child.  To me, if you cannot accept those consequences, then don’t have sex.  There are also cases where a protection is not used and it is just completely careless.  Use protection if you don’t want to take care of a baby, please.

That being said, I would never judge a woman.  If I knew someone who wanted an abortion, I wouldn’t stand there calling them a murderer! If I was going to put energy into doing something, the first thing I’d do is say, hey are you ok?  How are you doing?  If you don’t mind me asking, why are you choosing an abortion?  Do you need help financially or with an adoption?  Are you being forced to do this?  Do you just need someone to listen to you and cry right now?  Ultimately it is that person’s decision no matter what I do, but my choice is to be non-judgmental and wrap arms of love around them instead of spitting words of cruel hatred.  My job is to support them whatever way I can and I personally believe that if something was wrong I could do more good & maybe save the baby if I was kind rather than cruel, but I would never judge another person, ESPECIALLY if I didn’t know their story.

He who is without sin shall cast the first stone”

Last time I checked, I’m no saint.  I’ve made plenty of bad choices, terrible awful choices in my life that I regret.  How can I possible judge others for what might be a mistake?  What if the woman walking into that clinic is a rape victim?  What if they are being forced to have an abortion because of a pimp (yes, shockingly trafficking and sexual slavery are in the suburbs, city and rural areas as well) or hateful parent?  What if the women made a mistake and had sex with someone because maybe she has low self-esteem?  Or what if, God forbid the woman slept with a man and painfully regrets her choice because IT WAS A MISTAKE.  We all make them, we are human and it is a common characteristic that we all share.

Your opinion against abortion can be saved for the political field.  You don’t have to agree with a lifestyle of a person to offer help & love. You can rally in front of the politicians, vote, educate people as to why you believe abortion is wrong.

So these protesters are judging women who they know nothing about.  Maybe if they put more of their energy into saying hey, are you ok? Do you need help.  We can help you, our church can help you if you’d like some help.  Maybe some love would safe more children than accusing and casting stones at people they know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about.

With all of the work I do with human trafficking, sexual assault, physical abuse, I have learned not to judge ever.  My Christian grandparents taught me NEVER judge someone, show them love and compassion rather than hate because that does more in the world than cruelty ever did.

So the next time you go to judge someone, remember you don’t know their life & think about how showing them a little love could help them out a lot more than being hurtful.

♥ Meggie


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