Halloween Sluts

Halloween is a time when women come under fire.  People (mostly women) are shouting and raging about women’s costumes, saying they are over-sexualizing women and the women who wear them are sluts!

Personally, I would love to see more costumes that cover my body.  I don’t feel comfortable in the costumes presented to me in the store, these super super low cut dresses that barely cover a woman’s butt.  That is not how I feel comfortable presenting myself as a woman in a public setting, maybe to a husband or something, but not just for fun in public.  If I wore some of these outfits, I just feel too exposed.  I went shopping for an outfit once and I finally found one that went down to just above my knees and wasn’t too low-cut.

However, just because I don’t feel comfortable wearing those costumes doesn’t mean I have to right to order around women who do.  I am a feminist.  What is the difference if I’m telling a woman what to do, wear or think or if a man is telling her to do that?  If a woman feels comfortable dressing like that, then she should have the right to do so.

We can’t just go around calling women “sluts”.  That is slut shaming and makes it ok for women who do express their sexuality in ways that are more liberal to be labeled as dirty or slutty or a multitude of negative names.  However when men express sexuality, they are just being men, shame on you men,  That’s about it.  We are always taught that women are the source of men’s temptation (like their pants just FLY off when a woman walks by) and that women should be the pure ones, which is why women are called sluts and whores while boys will be boys.

This is a general statement & not everyone is like this but it is a prevalent theme in society.  Women in society can no longer be characterized as something negative if they are more liberal and make their own choice to act a certain way, whether that be a tiny costume to going home with a man.  I wouldn’t partake in any of these actions and going home with someone could be very dangerous so I’m not suggesting that is something you should do, but if a woman does do that, makes a consensual choice she is not a slut, she is a woman.  She is a woman making a choice of her own.  She is a woman not a slut, a woman.

Don’t judge a woman and seriously remember (no matter how childish it seems) when you’re pointing a finger at someone, there are three pointing back at yourself.  I’m sure there would be plenty of people who would have labeled my costume as “slutty” or me a “slut” even though it went to my knees and didn’t show cleavage, but to some that is more liberal than they choose to be.

I also understand that when you dress a certain way there are going to be judgements about people, that is just human nature and a fact of life.  However, my point in this is saying, yes you can be mad at these costumes and don’t buy them for yourself, but keep in mind there are women out there who feel comfortable wearing them.  So maybe it is over-sexualizing yourself if you wore them, but other women don’t view it as such.  Don’t try to take away choices from women because then you are no better than the society & men who try to take away their choices as well.

Just some food for thought.

Everyone have a happy happy happy Halloween, be safe, be smart and enjoy your holiday.

♥ Meggie


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