Who Knows?

Life is absolutely crazy.  You think you have the entire thing planned out and then the road rips off in a different direction, you gripping the wheel for dear life, trying to just hang out, terrified, confused.

I guess that’s how my life went.  I had my plan, high school then college.  I didn’t have a job planned for the future, but I could find something.  I was too timid to volunteer alone.  Then I met my boyfriend and we have had one hell of a ride, but some how we come back to each other and right now, strange at it may be, our communication has improved so much, we barely fight, maybe a spat every now and then but nothing we can’t talk about.  He is definitely one of the strangest, most powerful co-pilot you could have, but we’re taking it slow, very slow.  We need to work on everything first so we don’t fracture again.  After meeting him is when I got involved in my community, in the world, he inspired me to go for it, just like he goes for whatever he wants in his life.

I went to my first event alone Thursday.  A local store, Jeans and a Cute Shop, is hosting a bra drive for Free the Girls and, with my Aunt’s incredible help and support, collected 59 bras (including some of my own).  I couldn’t find anyone to go with so I went by myself and I was so nervous, but it went well.  I talked to the store owners and nothing bad happened!  I get so nervous about absolutely nothing!

I love the work I’m doing now, all of the volunteer work, donation collections, articles on Facebook.  I was so afraid that people would think I’m strange, or end up disliking me but in the long run, I don’t care.  None of my friends would care & as it turns out, a lot of people read what I post.and love it or want to get involved.

Sometimes you don’t know what you’re doing or where your life is going to take you.  Sometimes you are very literally riding completely blind but that’s ok, it really is.  Just let go, don’t let fear control you.  You can do it, you are enough and you are completely capable.

♥ Meggie


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