International Day of the Girl

I’m so excited to finally have time to sit down and write this blog.  Friday was International Day of the Girl, a day created by the UN to raise awareness of women’s risk issues, everything from discrimination to sexual violence and more.  Love Letters, the women’s empowerment group I just started working for, decided to throw a celebration.

It went so well!  We didn’t get 200 people, but quite a few came out.  The day started at 3:30 with a free yoga session and a women’s business expo where we had so many wonderful groups join us!  The Ladies Room came to film a bit, which was very exciting!  Then we had the Butterfly Ceremony, where Jillie spoke and we got together in groups to talk about us as women, our fears, proud moments, whatever needed to be talked about that’s what we did.  Then we all wrote 1 thing we wished to release from our lives on a sheet of paper and burned it in the bonfire.  It was truly an amazing night.

What made it even crazier was that one of our guests came up with this adorable Pitbull.  I was so excited I started playing with this little girl and told our friend I didn’t know she had a dog.  She said she doesn’t and she found her wandering the parking lot!  I took the dog from her since she was having a hard time handling her.  I got her some water, took her on a run,  She was a good weight, gums looked good, there was some scaring on her head and back, which worried me, but no new cuts, and she had cauliflower ear.

Luckily, one of the business expo participants from ChiroOne owns 2 Pits and came over to help me . I contact some groups I follow about what to do since she had a collar and leash but no tags or way to identify her.  Animal Control was eventually contacted to pick her up, she doesn’t have a microchip so she is being kept in animal control for now.

The woman from ChrioOne offered to foster so I’ve been on the phone with some local Pittie rescues trying to see how they can pull her and what is even better is that we have a potential family who wants to adopt her!  Hopefully everything will work out! 🙂

♥ Meggie


2 thoughts on “International Day of the Girl

  1. You are so amazing. You do so many things for others. Some part of me wishes to be as courages as you. I’m on it, though. As your blog says: un día a la vez.


    • Aw Thank you so much! It took a lot for me to get to this point in my life, to just go for it, and you ARE doing so much & you are just so bold! ♥ I think it’s fantastic!


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