One Crazy Ride

My life has turned into a hyper-driver, roller coaster of busy activities!  Remember that group I have mentioned in previous blogs Love Letters to Yourself, well I have turned into a volunteer Marketing & PR director, and I absolutely love it!  I work on everything from event planning, I run most of the social media accounts (you can follow us on Twitter and Pinterest), I work with communicating with groups to look for potential partners, promotion, advertising, you name it I do it.

It is rough sometimes, I already have a full-time job and I still volunteer with Feral Fixers and WAR Chest Boutique.  I am very tired, but I am just having so much fun!  I’ve been up late making origami butterflies and heart invitations, I am on social media sites trying to get a larger following, I just work, work, work.

Why do I work this much?  First of all, anything I do with Love Letters is done because that is what I love to do.  I love volunteering and Jillie’s organization can be applied to so many causes I’m so passionate about, from abused women to just the every day girl who doesn’t realize the amazing person she is.

Second of all, Jillie is just incredible!  She is so wonderful to work with, we brain storm, she listens to my ideas and anything I suggest or if I need help or a break she is always there.  Between my office job and this one, I have found the 2 greatest employers in the world!

For everyone reading this, if you live in the Chicago area, please come join us or spread the word about our celebration of International Day of the Girl on October 11th at the Dupage River Park from 3:30-7:30.

I never expected to be working with a group like this.  I am on one crazy ride in life and am loving every single twist and turn of the road that I’m on.

♥ Meggie



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