What Has Music Become

So the VMA’s were on last night and I didn’t watch them.  I had a concert to go to, but I am looking up performances on Youtube, like NSYNC.  I am a 90s child and I do have to admit I was so excited they reunited (even though Backstreet Boys will always have the #1 place in my heart).

Of course every social media outlet is just blowing up about Miley Cyrus, so I watched her performance as well.  This blog won’t be about her because it is obvious her performance we lewd and vulgar, it was beyond pushing the envelope and I’m not going to waste my time.

What I do want to talk about are some comments regarding her performance with Robin Thicke, when she was grinding against him.  So many comments I read say that how could she, he’s married! or how slutty she is for grinding against him like that.  When I watched the video, he accepted the behavior which means it was rehearsed that way and not only that he stepped up behind her butt, so if you are going to call her a slut then he is one as well since he is willingly participating in those same actions.  Instead of saying how horrible she is for doing that to a married man, what about shame on the married man for grinding against a young girl!  Both were willing parties and both should be criticized equally.

Not only that, his outfit look like he was trying to be someone released from jail with his black and white stripes, like some sort of pimp suit!  Who knows, I could be reading way too far into that, but that’s the image it could portray and that message is disgusting.  With that outfit and him grinding up against Miley, they are both in the wrong and both being exceedingly vulgar, simple as that.

The rest of her performance there are no words to describe it and honestly I think it should be ignored and simply explained as her pleading for attention and shock value, but if you are going to criticize the little duet those two did, don’t put all the blame on her because he was being just as bad when they were together.

I do have to say that I am saddened by the fact that in order to be famous now, you have to go for shock value not talent.  This includes women running around in their underwear (EX: Lady Gaga in her little thong underwear or whatever she was wearing, or a few years ago in her meat suit??).  I’ve noticed this trend more in women as well.  Don’t get me wrong, if you are confident in your body (and everyone should be no matter their size), go ahead, show it off!! However, that doesn’t mean run around in your underwear or skirts so short your thong shows or in these leotard outfits that show so much cleavage you’re basically duct taped into it so you don’t fall out.

You can be classy and sexy.  These celebrities are a role models for young women and they should be showing that you don’t have to give it all away in 1 glance to be successful.  If you have to dress like that to get any type of attention, then you aren’t that talented of a singer because talented singers or musicians don’t need to rely on shock value, on how shocked the audience will be at how much skin is shown or what completely odd thing you wear or do on stage or in the audience.

Maybe one day we will get back to what music was, talented people performing songs that had social meaning or just made people feel something,  songs that didn’t need to be accompanied by shock value and overly sexual performances.

♥ Meggie


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