The Trip

Last week, on Saturday, I left with my two best friends to camp in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.  Then Monday we drove an hour or so to North Carolina to our hotel since we’d be going to our other friend’s wedding on Tuesday.  The wedding was in South Carolina at this beautiful chapel on top of a mountain.  We were above all of the clouds and it looked like  a movie!  It was a sunrise wedding which meant a 4am wake up call for everyone.  The day after the wedding, our little trio headed back to the mountains to finish our camping.

It was so much fun and surprisingly we didn’t kill each other on this camping trip!  I am an extrovert, I have many OCD tendencies, I tend to be controlling, stubborn, anxious and extremely talkative.  My two friends are introverts, they like their alone time, hate debates, are late most of them time and hate schedules, so they didn’t argue with each other, but a few times tensions rose either from me to them or them to me.  We’re such good friends, one would snap at the other and that would be the end of the fight, it would be here then gone.

Camping in the mountains is beautiful, it is so quiet and there are insects and birds singing you to sleep , the trees just go on and on.  We even found a cute little roadside attraction in town!  A Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum where  a woman had collected over 20,000 shakers!  I even bought an antique one of two old women with glasses of wine and it said “It’s always better to wine a little with friends”.  It was so cute, I couldn’t help myself!  On the way home we even hunted down a Muffler Man!!

We saw some amazingly beautiful waterfalls, I caught a salamander, we showered in freezing cold mountain rivers and met some interesting people!  During our second time camping, the neighbors just down from us we called the Party Bros.  You know the kind, completely harmless, not noisy, just super friendly, beers in hand.  The kind that you see on your six-hour hike and they bring beer not water.  They were always a great source of entertainment!

My friend’s wedding was absolutely AMAZING.  she was just stunning, the wedding ceremony was incredible and I am so glad I could be there to see her.  I even caught the bouquet!  I told her that at my wedding, I’m going to have that bouquet and underneath will be a sign that says “This is all Bobbie’s fault” and she just laughed!

All in all it was just a wonderful trip with my two best friends, I’ve been meaning to blog about it for a while now and I have so much more to write, but I think this is a good summary for now.  I’ve just started putting up photos so you can go to to view them!

♥ Meggie


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