Get Your Priorities Straight!

Everyone heard about the VMA, ranting and yelling about the Miley Cyrus & Robin Thicke performance.  That was warranted, it was a ridiculous plea for attention, and very sad when you think about it since a young women feels as though she needs to act like that to stay in the light.  I even wrote a blog about Robin Thicke, how he didn’t receive any of the blame when he also did things that just shouldn’t be tolerated.

However, this didn’t need to be broadcasted for days.  I believe it was trending on Twitter until Tuesday or Wednesday, news stations were writing about that, it was on T.V. News, then articles about how to twerk and benefits of twerking are coming out.  Really?!

Now let me tell you something that wasn’t trending on Twitter, that wasn’t plastered all over Facebook, that was probably briefly mentioned in the news.  6 people were shot the weekend of the VMA’s in Chicago including a 11 year old girl and a 14 year old boy who was killed.  So I’m really glad that everyone discovered that Miley Cyrus’ butt looked like a turkey because that is clearly much more important.

Don’t get me wrong, it is fine to discuss celebrity gossip & events.  It was a surprising performance and there were mixed reactions and opinions, that is fine, but do we really need 3 days on Twitter about it?  Her name is still trending today, it’s Friday!!  Not only is that exactly what she wanted to happen & rewarding her bad behavior, but there are more important things in this world to talk about!

The growing level of apathy in society is shocking to me.   Just a few days ago, I heard someone say “Oh no!  Who cares about that stuff in Syria, my gas prices are going up!”.  Really?  1,300 people were just killed and you are worried about your gas prices?  Also, this person has no trouble affording gas, let me tell you.

Our society needs to start prioritizing events that occur in this world.  Talk about celebrities, but focus on what truly matters in this world, like when children are being shot and people are being killed!  So many horrible things in this world get ignored because so and so wore an odd outfit.  Sometimes I do worry about my generation, the me generation, because we focus so much on us us us us.  It is time that people start looking outside of themselves and try to feel what others are going through in the world.



What Has Music Become

So the VMA’s were on last night and I didn’t watch them.  I had a concert to go to, but I am looking up performances on Youtube, like NSYNC.  I am a 90s child and I do have to admit I was so excited they reunited (even though Backstreet Boys will always have the #1 place in my heart).

Of course every social media outlet is just blowing up about Miley Cyrus, so I watched her performance as well.  This blog won’t be about her because it is obvious her performance we lewd and vulgar, it was beyond pushing the envelope and I’m not going to waste my time.

What I do want to talk about are some comments regarding her performance with Robin Thicke, when she was grinding against him.  So many comments I read say that how could she, he’s married! or how slutty she is for grinding against him like that.  When I watched the video, he accepted the behavior which means it was rehearsed that way and not only that he stepped up behind her butt, so if you are going to call her a slut then he is one as well since he is willingly participating in those same actions.  Instead of saying how horrible she is for doing that to a married man, what about shame on the married man for grinding against a young girl!  Both were willing parties and both should be criticized equally.

Not only that, his outfit look like he was trying to be someone released from jail with his black and white stripes, like some sort of pimp suit!  Who knows, I could be reading way too far into that, but that’s the image it could portray and that message is disgusting.  With that outfit and him grinding up against Miley, they are both in the wrong and both being exceedingly vulgar, simple as that.

The rest of her performance there are no words to describe it and honestly I think it should be ignored and simply explained as her pleading for attention and shock value, but if you are going to criticize the little duet those two did, don’t put all the blame on her because he was being just as bad when they were together.

I do have to say that I am saddened by the fact that in order to be famous now, you have to go for shock value not talent.  This includes women running around in their underwear (EX: Lady Gaga in her little thong underwear or whatever she was wearing, or a few years ago in her meat suit??).  I’ve noticed this trend more in women as well.  Don’t get me wrong, if you are confident in your body (and everyone should be no matter their size), go ahead, show it off!! However, that doesn’t mean run around in your underwear or skirts so short your thong shows or in these leotard outfits that show so much cleavage you’re basically duct taped into it so you don’t fall out.

You can be classy and sexy.  These celebrities are a role models for young women and they should be showing that you don’t have to give it all away in 1 glance to be successful.  If you have to dress like that to get any type of attention, then you aren’t that talented of a singer because talented singers or musicians don’t need to rely on shock value, on how shocked the audience will be at how much skin is shown or what completely odd thing you wear or do on stage or in the audience.

Maybe one day we will get back to what music was, talented people performing songs that had social meaning or just made people feel something,  songs that didn’t need to be accompanied by shock value and overly sexual performances.

♥ Meggie

The Trip

Last week, on Saturday, I left with my two best friends to camp in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.  Then Monday we drove an hour or so to North Carolina to our hotel since we’d be going to our other friend’s wedding on Tuesday.  The wedding was in South Carolina at this beautiful chapel on top of a mountain.  We were above all of the clouds and it looked like  a movie!  It was a sunrise wedding which meant a 4am wake up call for everyone.  The day after the wedding, our little trio headed back to the mountains to finish our camping.

It was so much fun and surprisingly we didn’t kill each other on this camping trip!  I am an extrovert, I have many OCD tendencies, I tend to be controlling, stubborn, anxious and extremely talkative.  My two friends are introverts, they like their alone time, hate debates, are late most of them time and hate schedules, so they didn’t argue with each other, but a few times tensions rose either from me to them or them to me.  We’re such good friends, one would snap at the other and that would be the end of the fight, it would be here then gone.

Camping in the mountains is beautiful, it is so quiet and there are insects and birds singing you to sleep , the trees just go on and on.  We even found a cute little roadside attraction in town!  A Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum where  a woman had collected over 20,000 shakers!  I even bought an antique one of two old women with glasses of wine and it said “It’s always better to wine a little with friends”.  It was so cute, I couldn’t help myself!  On the way home we even hunted down a Muffler Man!!

We saw some amazingly beautiful waterfalls, I caught a salamander, we showered in freezing cold mountain rivers and met some interesting people!  During our second time camping, the neighbors just down from us we called the Party Bros.  You know the kind, completely harmless, not noisy, just super friendly, beers in hand.  The kind that you see on your six-hour hike and they bring beer not water.  They were always a great source of entertainment!

My friend’s wedding was absolutely AMAZING.  she was just stunning, the wedding ceremony was incredible and I am so glad I could be there to see her.  I even caught the bouquet!  I told her that at my wedding, I’m going to have that bouquet and underneath will be a sign that says “This is all Bobbie’s fault” and she just laughed!

All in all it was just a wonderful trip with my two best friends, I’ve been meaning to blog about it for a while now and I have so much more to write, but I think this is a good summary for now.  I’ve just started putting up photos so you can go to to view them!

♥ Meggie

Too young

Yesterday I found out that a boy I played against in Middle School Soccer and then attended high school with died.  I didn’t know him well at all, we really never talked.  He was an amazing soccer player though and he seems really friendly, every time I saw him, he was laughing.  I just saw him though, never talked to him or hung out with him.  We have mutual friends and that’s all.

So far that’s number 4.  In 7th grade, there was a boy who overdosed, then in my Freshman or Sophomore year of college there were 2 more, I believe those were suicides, and now this young man.  I still know all of their names, I just can’t believe it.  I am 22 years old and all these people were my age and that is so sad to me, sad doesn’t even cover it.  I didn’t know any of them personally, but I just feel so upset knowing how their family and friends must feel.

The one I talked to the most was in 7th grade.  He was very smart, he just didn’t put effort into anything he did, ever.  He was considered a burn out, the entire group he hung out with was, everyone knew that group got into trouble.  It looked like in his case, he learn from his parents who were both drug abusers.  So I would typically be assigned to help him with class work because the teaches would always want me to help him with work and keep him focused.  So then one day the entire 7th grade was called into the pod to talk about his death and counseling services were offered.  One of the boys that died when I was in college hung out in the same group.

I don’t know why this young man died, I’m sure I’ll hear eventually, so everything I say after this is not related to his death at all.

If you know someone who does not have a supportive family or who is involved in negative activities do something.  There is a chance nothing will happen, they’ll grow old and say kids I did dumb things when I was your age, but there is a chance that they will be in trouble.  Not only that, if you see signs of eating disorders or depression or self-harm or anything like that, talk to them.  If you feel helpless talk to parents, counselors, teachers, doctors, people who can help.  Problems like this are hard for the person to deal with and very few can stop that without external help, so don’t be afraid.  I know it’s easier said then done, but I’d rather have an angry friend rather than a dead one, because at least if they are angry at me, they are alive and will stop being angry eventually.

Now if you need help, don’t even be embarrassed, NEVER. Any problems, from drugs to alcohol to eating disorders, depression or self-harm, those are NEVER things to be embarrassed about.  There are so many people who love you and so many ways to get help, and there are so many people who feel exactly how you do.  I have struggled with my own problems with eating and self-harm but mine never got to the point where I couldn’t pull myself out of them.  I still have problems with anxiety and stress, but I’ve found better ways to deal with that and I am never embarrassed to talk to anyone about what I did.  That doesn’t make me a weak person or anything negative like that, it makes me strong for dealing with it and I am stronger now because I go to people for help when I am having trouble.

Always love yourself, even though that might be hard, you ARE amazing and are worth so much.

♥ Meggie


When I was a kid, I didn’t have much responsibility.  I had to get my school work done any maybe help with some chores, only if I was asked.  Most of it was spent playing around or doing fun things with my family.  I’d spend days just dreaming of my future.

Thinking back on it, I had a very small view of the world and just like any little kids does, I had some misconceptions.  For example, I wanted to be an exotic dancer after seeing Independence Day.  My parents never let me see the very first scene when she is actually dancing in the strip club, so when she told the President’s wife she was an exotic dancer, I assumed that was someone who performs dances from exotic countries.  I had no idea what it really was!

I also had a great-uncle who did quite a bit of time in Joliet Prison.  He was not a good man at all.  One year on our way to the drag races, we drove by the prison and Mom said as a joke, that’s where our uncle used to live when he was alive.  Being as young as I was, I assumed he lived in a mansion with a huge yard and towers.  So for a while, until I found out what that actually was, I aspired to grow up like my great-uncle.  I’m glad THAT never happened!

So looking back at my childhood there is a lot to laugh about.  I can laugh at fun memories with my family, vacations, holidays, school activities, I can laugh at my silly misconceptions about the world.  Of course we fought and we had our spats.  I started going through personal struggles in Middle School, which stopped in High School yet resurfaced in College, but I survived.  I no longer do any of the harmful things I used to.  I’ve had a great life, a safe life and a loving life.

But not everyone is lucky.  There are young men and women who live a life like Nydia, in the city, in areas plagued with violence.  The soundtrack to their lives is fill with sirens and gunshots.  She was able to stay away from that lifestyle though and stay focused on the positive in her life, however not everyone can do that.  I don’t even have room to list all of the children and young adults killed this year alone in Chicago, and this happens all over the country.

Then there are all of these articles about sex trafficking.  105 children have been saved in Operation Cross Country and over 150 pimps were arrested.  In another operation designed to target sexual predators, 61 children were rescued and of these “22 were 9 years old or younger, and four were under the age of 3” and 244 arrests were made. Then you read articles that talk about trafficking in the suburbs where the article starts off by talking about a 7-year-old girl who was trafficked by her grandfather, he was her pimp.

Compared to all of that, my childhood was so simple.  Until you start reading and educating yourself about problems in the world, whether it is cancer or poverty or disease or human trafficking, you really don’t know the full extent of it.  Find your cause and do something.  Being involved doesn’t mean hours and hours of your day spent on a cause, you can just collect the change from your couch and donate it or when you clean your closet off, drop your clothing somewhere instead of throwing it away.  As always, if you ever are interested in anything I do, you can always comment with questions, I’m also on Twitter (however I am still getting used to it!) @Meggiemae67.

Future events:

Love Letters to Yourself mural of self-love – Love Letters is a group designed to empower women and help them find self-love.  This will be in downtown Naperville and we’ll be out there Saturday September 7th asking people to write 1 thing they love about themselves on our mural!  Jillie, the founder, is also collecting love letters to put in her book that will be published, so feel free to send those in!  Also, if you want to send in a photo with a sign that says 1 thing you love about yourself, send it to my Twitter @Meggiemae67 or

Traffick Free 5k – That is also September 7th in the morning.  Check out the link!

WAR Chest Boutique Naperville self-defense class – Again on September 7th, I won’t be at that one, but it still looks amazing!!

Bra Drive for Free the Girls – Ladies, you know you have to get rid of old bras that don’t quite fit anymore, but they are in such great condition you don’t want to throw them away, donate them to Free the Girls!  I’ll be collecting to bring them to Jeans and a Cute Top Shop, but you don’t have to be here to participate!  If you check out their website, there are drop-off locations everywhere including Canada and a mailing address!

Just think about ways you can get involved and one very important way is spreading the word about these cases and what is going on in the world. Of course I would LOVE if you could spread the word about some of these events, but whatever your cause is, always get involved!

♥ Meggie