Celebrate Self-Love

I am so excited for September 7th! First at 7:30 I am running a 5K with my best friend for Traffick Free, a Chicago nonprofit designed to help trafficking victims in Chicago and fight human trafficking.  Then I have to run home, get a super quick shower and drive out to Naperville to the Love Letters to Yourself event that I help plan with the founder Jillie Johnston!

I am so happy that she was so open to any idea I had and that she let me help!  I love planning and I love creating events, researching, problem solving, managing and then hosting a successful event!  I have not done this often at all, but I really love it!

We’re going to be at the Naperville Riverwalk Free Speech Pavilion at the corner of Jackson and Webster.  We’re going to have a giant roll of paper where women or men can write 1 thing they love about themselves to create a mural of self-love!  We’re going to have live music and so many friendly volunteers there!

On the 23rd of August at her house she is hosting a Vision Board party too!  For those of you who don’t know what that is, a Vision Board is photos from online or magazines or just any images or words of goal.  For example, I want to work downtown with at risk youth, I want a Lab and a Pit Bull, I want a husband and I want my life fill with friends and family.  So I would find photos or words that symbolize all of my dreams and goals and put it on my vision board to always think positively about my future and remember my goals every day!

I am so excited for Jillie and I am so excited to be a part of something like this, something designed to give love and teach others to love themselves no matter what!

If anyone is interested in coming to this event you can click here for the details and to RSVP.  Even if you can’t come, spread the word! Get on your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or whatever social media outlet you use to post that tweet that tumbles through the Internet to reach as many people as possible and not only spread the word about our event, but about Love Letters in general!  Also feel free to write a love letter and mail them in to Jillie! I can get that information if you’d like!

♥ Meggie


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