How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

So I had this entire post already written about the Trayvon Martin case discussing race in America and how I have felt only the slightest bit of hatred from both European Caucasians and Hispanics since I’m mixed but look European.  I was going to talk about how I was lucky that I don’t have to deal with so much discrimination and how you shouldn’t judge others but always be away of how you portray yourself.  Then I deleted the entire thing

I decided instead to talk about the protests.  I support these protests 100%.  I think this decision was a terrible decision and Zimmerman needs to be behind bars without doubt.   I don’t like the precedent this ruling sets at all.  I might go down and join the protest this weekend in Chicago.

However, along with these beautiful peaceful protests, there are small groups, violent groups, destroying property and attacking people.  One group attacked a Hispanic man because of his race.  If you are saying Martin was racially profiled, why are you racially profiling another man?  Zimmerman killed Martin, not all Hispanics.  The same with all of this destruction of property.  If you are black (or of any race really) and don’t want to be label as violent or assumed to be a criminal, why would you go around destroying property, hurting people, being violent criminals which only proves the stereotype of your race is correct??  You should be marching peacefully with your peers, showing that no, we are not criminal, we are not violent and you cannot put these labels on all of us!  We will no longer be judged by our color because you are wrong!

There is a quote I read this morning said by Martin Luther King Jr. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that”.

This is what some people don’t understand.  Yes be angry that you are discriminated against, be angry that people actually believe that because people share a race, they are all the same, that others believe these stereotypes, be angry but do not let that anger consume you because a life lived in anger is wasted.  Turn that anger into something productive, change that into motivation saying “I will not be part of this stereotype.”  I know that is easier said than done, but organize, get people together and march peacefully or if you live in a neighborhood plagued with violence maybe you can organize a community building event.

Again, I know that is so much easier said than done, but you cannot let your anger turn you into a stereotype because then you are just making everyone who believed in that stereotype say “well see what they’re doing?  I was right! They are all violent!”

Don’t let people knock you down, don’t let them define the person you are.  When you react in anger and violence you are letting them push you into who they believe you are.  Not only that you prove nothing and you accomplish nothing.  What will they remember when you get out of jail for beating someone or destroying property?  Oh those where the kids that broke into Walmart, those are the kids who beat up my dad or husband or the news reporters.  What will you tell your kids?  “Oh I beat up some Latino because a completely unrelated Latino killed a black kid because he assumed he was a criminal.”  Do you really want to tell your kids that??  Or do you want to say, “this is what happened when I was your age and I marched in protest because this is wrong!  We should not be characterized like this and I stood up against it!”

Hatred and anger only breed more hatred and anger and that is the same with goodness and light in this world.  You accomplish more in this world through peace and love.  It might not change the court’s decision, however people will see maybe this was wrong, these protests are all peaceful, why do we judge these people?  Think of how you want to be remembered, as the person who threatened an innocent man because of his race (which is the reason you are mad in the first place) or as the person who stood strong with others who shared your beliefs and pain and anger, but stood in peace?

♥ Meggie


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