My Love Letter

Dear Me,

It’s been a while since we really thought about each other so I just wanted to say a few things to you.  I love everything about you.  You have beautiful hair and eyes.  Your tall and can strut anywhere in a pair of stilettos with ease and grace (as well as a bit of a bad ass-rocker chick attitude too).  You, my dear, have impeccable taste in clothing and have a sassy sense of style that accentuates your curves but still maintain that classy look and can totally rock that pair of sweats on the weekends!   You never stop smiling or laughing and never seek out conflict, you only seek out the joy you find in every aspect of life and try to share that with others.

I love that you’re smart and capable, able to think through any problem put in front of you.  You’re not afraid to ask questions even though you are a bit shy.  You are beyond passionate about everything you believe in and love others without a second though.  Sometimes your love for others outweighs your love for yourself, but it’s always better to love more than less.  I love that friends and family trust and confide in you, you can comfort them and guide them when needed and in turn they help guide you as well.

We’ve been through some tough times together, the times of your rationing food to unhealthy lows and through the self harm but you’re the one that pulled yourself out of that.  You’re the one that reworked your life and found the never-ending joy in it!!  Every day, these scars of your past heal on your body and soul, until they will be only positive reminders of all the strength you possess.  This amazing, peaceful feeling deep inside when you realize how lucky you are is all because of you and your change in thinking.  You are educated and have a family and friends and have opportunities to do whatever you want.

Never forget that you are enough, you deserve as much respect as you give and you can accomplish anything and everything you want.  I love your flaws because they are just little quirks that make you an individual, a uniquely quirky person, just another colorful soul that is a part of this rainbow of life!!

Always take that leap and put yourself out there.  Never let your confidence falter but never let it turn into an ego.  Finally never ever ever let fear stop you from trying something new.

With all my love,

This was my love letter to myself, part of a project my friend Jillie started.  If anyone would like to learn more or submit their love letter to add to their book or join us in workshops or future events, all of the links are below.

My past blog about Love Letters to Yourself

Love Letters to Yourself Facebook

Love Letters to Yourself Blog

Here is an email you can scan your letters to if you so desire.  She is also in the process of getting a P.O. Box.


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