Today I woke up so early, got dressed and prepared, hair done and make up on, then left.  I arrived at my destination and waited for my friend.  We put our robes on and hoods and began to walk to our final destination.  When we got their I realized I didn’t have a tassel so I had to run back with her to get one then return to the gym to wait in line.  We came out and made a line as the professors passed us and we clapped.  Then we walked in and took our seats, sat for over an  hour then before I knew it, I was up next. My named was called and I successfully walked across the stage without tripping and then sat down.  People clapped and then all of the professors made a tunnel for us as we, the graduates, proceeded out of the building to meet our parents.

I am now officially a college graduate.

I feel pride, even though my family didn’t have any particularly difficult  financial struggle.  It was difficult for my parents and I do have loans to pay back, however, compared to many people I spoke to, my financial debt is minimal.  I have been blessed with the opportunity that so many lack, especially women, in this world and I feel so proud for surviving 4 years of education.  I have a job, not a dream job, however a job is a job, teaching me important skills and this is just on the way to my perfect dream job!

Part of me does not feel accomplished.  I am still at the job I started as a Freshman year, an office manager at the small insurance brokerage I work at.  They did give me a small raise and I LOVE working for them, it’s just far from my dream.  My boyfriend is still in Mexico and it broke my heart that he couldn’t be there, on today day of all days.  I’ve never been out of the country and I live with my parents for the time being.   I feel even more pressure to exceed now since I am no longer a student and have fully entered the working world.  I’m really not doing much, or at least I’m not doing all of the amazing things I dreamed of.  I feel as though we college students have plans and some are able to realize those right after graduation, however most must wait.  I’m ready to wait, it’s just scary.

Even with all of the worries that come with graduating and trying to find that perfect job, I feel so blessed with everyone that is around me.  My family is just incredible.  Without them I could never ever survive the stress and they were so supportive.  My friends are just as supportive and amazing.  I am so lucky to be constantly surrounded with people who encourage me in everything I ever wanted to do and that makes me so happy!   I am grateful and blessed and could not ask for more in life.


2 thoughts on “Graduation

  1. This is just the beginning of amazing things to come, you will pay your dues over and over again but that light will be there up ahead and you will make it! Congratulations!!! xo

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