You Want Me To Do What?!

So a guy on Facebook posted a quote as his status.  It said “If all girls started wearing no make up and comfortable clothes, guys would have no choice but to fall for girls because of natural beauty” and I was offended by this.

I love wearing dress, I love wearing skirts, I love putting on makeup, coloring my hair, styling my hair, painting my nails, I love it all!  So because that is something I love to do just for myself, it is my fault as a woman that some men are so superficial and believe that women should always look like that?  Let me think about this for a second. . . .ummmmm. . no. It makes me angry that my love for dressing up is being blamed for these ridiculous stereotypes that have been placed on my by the opposite sex and the same goes for ridiculous stereotypes about men too.

Men should love a girl for however she looks, he should think she looks just as sexy dressed up or down and it shouldn’t matter.  My boyfriend loves when I get dressed up, but he loves me and thinks I’m just as attractive when I have no make up on and am running around in sweatpants and an oversize T-shirt.  So honestly, whatever man decides to blame women for their own flaw of being superficial, is so wrong.  Women shouldn’t have to dress down all of the time just so men stop thinking that we are required to be dressed up 110% of the time.  That is just as stupid as saying “If all men stopped trying to achieve six-pack abs, then girls would have no choice but to fall for their natural attractiveness”.  It’s hard to fine the male equivalent for makeup, but whatever that is, women should accept and fall for a man no matter what he looks like.

I hate dreads and think they look awful but my boyfriend has dreads now and (he’s probably going to hate me for this one, lol) but he doesn’t have a six-pack and dresses kinda bummy a lot of the time and do you know what?  He is honestly the most attractive man I’ve ever seen and I love him even more with every day that passes even though I am destroying his camo pants and will celebrate when his dreads are gone! lol  He feels the same about me, no matter what I look like or how I dress, he will always say I look beautiful.  People of course have our preferences of course of what we think is attractive, but if you find someone who you care about, looks matter a lot less.

You can’t blame the opposite sex for you not ever being able to still see beauty when someone dress down.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman.  Just stop being superficial because no matter what you look like on the outside, if you think that a person is ugly if they remove some make up or don’t have a six-pack or aren’t in their fancy clothes, then you are an ugly person on the inside and that is something you can rarely change.


4 thoughts on “You Want Me To Do What?!

    • I know! I want to feel in my heart like he interpreted the quote as saying its ok to dress down every now and then, but I don’t think that’s quite what it was saying, 😛

      I’m super glad my boyfriend is NOT like that, I’d go crazy! lol

  1. I agree. My husband tells me I look beautiful without makeup and in my pajamas, but I still love dressing up, and he loves the way I look then too 🙂


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