Love Letters to Yourself

Hello everyone!  I cannot wait to graduate college in 2 weeks so I can blog more!  I have a review on an amazing book I read for the WAR Chest Boutique Book Club, so I’ll post that soon.

This post is about a young woman I met through WAR.  She was at the Girl Rising movie event.  Her name is Jillie and she started Love Letters to Yourself.  She was going through a rough time in her life and wanted someone to write a love letter.  After thinking about this, she realized that eventually that letter would only be a temporary fix and she’d just end up wanting more and more letters so she wrote one to herself instead.  She realized the importance of self-love and that she was enough.  From there she started hosting self-love workshops, mostly for women.  Men can join as well, however since she is a woman she feels that she can better relate to women.

Now she has been given an opportunity to go down to Peru and take over a women’s empowerment program in the shanty towns that were decimated by floods over a decade ago.  Domestic and sexual violence are an everyday occurrence for these women.  Jillie is currently making a video for her fundraising!  She is amazing enough to let me help!

I went to one of her workshops and it was really amazing.  We had a small group of women, me and my friend, 2 moms with their daughters (13, 12 and 8) and one of the daughters friends (13).  Then another woman stumbled upon our group and decided to join us.  It was really beautiful and by the end women were crying, positive tears not sad ones. It was an area of no judgement.

I love this so much because to get out of my tough times, I wrote  a love letter to myself so it was meant to be that I met Jillie.  I opened up about my past of self harm and eat problems due to my level of anxiety and stress when I started college and I didn’t feel judged.  I talked about that because I wanted the girls there to know that you need to relax and just take life one step at a time.  I didn’t count my food and starve myself to lose weight, I did it because I could control food easily and I was upset when I started losing weight because I loved the way I looked.  I began self harming to numb the pain I felt.  My parents were always full of love but that didn’t help, so I wanted these girls to hear this from a peer rather than a mom.  All of these women were really amazing.

Another thing Jillie wants to do is create a book of love letters and have it published.  I’m contributing my love letter to her.  Think about what you love about yourself ladies and gentlemen!  Everyone is beautiful and amazing.  If you’d like to write a love letter and have it included in this book, email it to Jillie at  Don’t know how to write a love letter?  Check out Jillie’s blog by clicking hereYou can visit her Facebook here!

This is a beautiful movement and if you are in the Chicagoland area, we will hopefully have a big summer events soon!  When I say big, I mean massive 😉

I strongly urge everyone to take the time to write a love letter to themselves, even if it’s just for your eyes.  It is so liberating and beautiful.  If you would like, I’ll type up my love letter that I wrote recently and post it as a blog, just let me know in the comments! 🙂




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