So lovely blog people!  I have decided to enter a photo contest, a bit late in the game, it started March 13th and goes through April 29th.  I just found out about it today though.

I submitted a photo of an animal and this lovely kitty happens to be a stray that my friend took of the street and gave her a loving home!  She was pregnant and gave birth in my friend’s home, but had to be taken to the vet because there were complications.  Only 1 kitten survived and they kept him too.  Her name is Charlotte and she is soooooooo sweet! The entire time during this photo shoot, she just slept on a chair.  I was wheeling it around to different lights, shining lights in her face, turning the chair and all she did was sit there, occasionally opening her green eyes to see what was going on, then she’d just go right back to sleep.

Now this is where the contest comes in.  People vote on my photo, each vote is $1 donated to the nonprofit the photo is supporting.  I am supporting Feral Fixers, a trap, neuter, release organization in Illinois.  TNR is a way to deal with the feral cat problem without killing all of the cats.  Feral Fixers goes out, traps the cats and neuters them.  If they are friendly or kittens they are kept and socialized so they can be adopted to loving home.  If they are feral they are released.  Now you may ask, why are you releasing angry feral cats?!  Think of them like raccoons.  Raccoons are wild animals and you wouldn’t adopt one into your home, but you also know that they will leave you alone because they are wild.  Cats that will approach humans and be friendly are kept and socialized, the ones that may only like the person who are feeding them and run and hide from everyone else are left in the wild because they have now become a wild animal.

Anyways, the money goes to Feral Fixers and I could win a bunch of prizes depending on how much money I raise, which I’m going to donate to Feral Fixers because I don’t have a cat or dog. 🙂  The cool part for me is that some photos might be chosen to be in a calendar which would be fun because it’s my photo!  Depending on the amount of donations, there is a chance for Feral Fixers to win a grant which would help them a lot.

Here is the link for the photo contest where you can see my photo.  Any information about the money and where it is going is on the website if you wish to look.  I would love if you could donate just $1 and if not, I would love if you could spread the word about the contest to see if others will donate!!  I donated $5, I know that’s not a lot, but it’s what I have so far, so I hope I can raise more money! 🙂

The links below are for Feral Fixers so you can learn more about them if you would like or maybe even adopt or foster!

Feral Fixers Facebook

Feral Fixers Website


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