WAR Chest

So as most of you know, I’m love shopping at WAR Chest Boutique and the reason why is that everything in the store (jewelry, clothing, etc.) has all been made or sourced by women rescued from human trafficking or who are at risk.  WAR Chest is part of Women at Risk International and they are located in 34 countries and most of the United States (yes, the U.S., we have a MASSIVE trafficking problem here).

Just two weeks ago, I had started interning for them and I am having a blast!  The store is run by volunteers, Ashley is the manager and there might be 2 other paid employees who work there less that I do! 🙂  Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and just happy.  When you walk into the Naperville store you are literally just wrapped up in this warm circle of happiness and unity.  That sounds really corny but it is completely true.  I have met some really sweet, amazing women there!

Yesterday, we had our first learn and practice for a dance event we’re doing on April 20th in the streets of Naperville.  We are dancing to not only let people know about WAR and what we do but to raise awareness and support women who face the terror of trafficking or abuse, whether that is verbal or physical, or being controlled or whatever the problem is, that is what we dance for.  The dance is super upbeat and fun and once again the ladies are just amazing!  We’re having another learn and practice this coming Sunday, April 14th at 4:00pm at the Abhyaasa Yoga Studio in Naperville.  If you live in the area come and learn the dance with us or just come to watch us and clap on the 20th!  We had about 12 ladies (including me, Ashley and the teachers) so we want more.  This isn’t just a dance for women, men can participate as well!

This is something very close to me as well because of friends and family who I’ve seen hurt by men verbally and being completely controlled by them.  I have a family member who we have tried to help, but she just never listened and now I have a friend who keeps going back to the same guy.  I’ve known her for about a year and they’ve broken up 3 times?  He tells her what she can wear, when I go out with her, he texts her nonstop about coming home and what time will she be home and where we’re going, not just like the normal about, literally nonstop.  Then he stays at her place, she cooks for him, he doesn’t pay half the rent or for food and doesn’t clean at all and he owes her money (like a couple hundred) from some previous event. Then on Facebook he told her to “Stop acting like a bitch” and as a woman, that offends me to no end.  There is never any time the word bitch should be used in any way toward a woman and still she goes back to him and that isn’t the only time he has used social media to degrade or embarrass her either.  There are more I could list.  So I will be dancing for them, because I’ve done everything I could to help my friend, but you can’t help someone who doesn’t want it, no matter how frustrating and heart breaking it is.

Just as a side note, I know it’s not only men who abuse and I’m not on an I hate men spire, 🙂 I actually has a male family member who was physically and verbally abused by a woman and luckily he got out of that and found another beautiful, sweet women to be with, and that makes me so happy!

Below are a bunch of link to Women at Risk and information about the dance if you are interested! I hope you come join us!

Website for Women at Risk International Here

WAR Chest Boutique Naperville Facebook Here

Dance Tutorial Here

Information About The Break the Chain Dance Here


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