Body Issues

I went to a fashion show this Thursday to support Women at Risk International.  I didn’t really understand half of the outfits that were shown because I don’t know why anyone would wear them in real life, but it was fun hanging out with a friend that I haven’t seen in a very long time and it was a super fun event!

My friend and I were discussing the model industry. I find it, in some cases, that it is very depressing and this is for the same reason many criticize this industry, all of the women are so thin a strong wind will blow them away!  I do understand not all models are like that, but in high fashion run way shows and magazines, they are.  I’ve watch the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and it made me want to eat something!  Some women might have that body type, all of us are different, however others just looked so thin. and sickly  Where are the curvy figures and thighs and butts and arms and tummies?!?!

In this conversation, my friend and I were talking about how I would be a plus size model, or at least on the verge of being one.  I’m just under 5’9″ and about 150lbs, sometimes more or less, depending on how often I get to enjoy my bike rides!  To me that is sad because I’m average.  It’s not sad to me that I would be plus size, I told my friend that I would rather be a plus size model than be all ribs and hip bones, but it was sad because this makes women think that their average size is too fat.  Then she said something that shocked me and made me just want to hug her and cry!  She said she wouldn’t mind that, having her hips and ribs showing.  Now, I understand that some women are just tiny ladies, like Debra Messing.  Messing is just really slender and you can tell that is simply her body type because she doesn’t look emaciated, her face isn’t sunk in or anything like that.  I just couldn’t imagine wanting to be that thin if it wasn’t your body type and that is not my friend’s body type.  She is meant to have curves and thighs and a butt, just like I am.

Now she is currently doing the P90X program because she wants to lose a little weight.  Her goal isn’t some crazy goal, it seems very reasonable.  If she wanted to lose weight, the weight she wanted to lose wouldn’t make her unhealthy.  The problem is, it is almost like it is consuming her.  She says she has trouble sleeping, but she’ll go to bed even later because she has to do her P90 and only skip one day.  I get that you need to work out regularly, but she works full-time AND goes to college, I think it would be ok for her to miss a day or two and get some sleep.  Today she was sick and from her Facebook statuses she sounded very sick, sick enough to go to a doctor, but she had to get her two workouts in so she can get her body weight down to fit into a swim suit!

Let me state something before I go any further.  To me, working out should be to make you healthy.  I understand people want to look good to, but health should be the primary goal.  For example, when I am not in school and just working, I try to work out to get back in shape and become a healthier me and along with that, my stomach gets a little more tone, same with my arms.  However, my primary goal is not to lose so much weight and become so toned that my ribs show and I barely have any legs and my hips stick out because that is just not my body type and that is an unhealthy goal for me personally.  So I do understand that working out is to make your body look better and that is ok, but it should be done in a healthy way.

Back to my friend, she isn’t being healthy.  You shouldn’t work out twice when you are sick enough to go to the doctor and say that you can barely drive because you feel so ill JUST for the sake of working out to lose weight.  You shouldn’t want your ribs sticking out because that is what a model looks like so you should look like that too.  You NEED NEED NEED NEED to worry about the health of your body first.

Ladies and gentlemen, YOU ARE FREAKING GORGEOUS!  Your body is YOUR body, it is unique and special and one of a kind!  Let me tell you ladies, for those of you who hate your butt and your arms and your thighs, I have a butt so big that I have to buy pants a size bigger because I can’t pull them up over my butt and hips or they won’t fit around my thighs and do you want to know a secret?  I love my big but and I love my big thighs.  They give my a figure and shapely legs.  If I pinch my stomach, I can pinch my “tummy fat” and no matter what I do to try to tone my arms, I can still pinch that “underarm fat” and wiggle it if I hold my arms up.  I love it, I love my body because I feel sexy.  I go to shop in Little Village to find jeans to fit my butt or have them tailored or just get a really good belt. I rock my bikini in the summer and love sleeveless and strapless tops and dresses.  I have another friend who would be considered a bit overweight and she ROCKS her bikini and strapless shirts and dresses and she looks sexy!  Do you know why?  She is beyond confident and loves her body!

Please please please LOVE YOUR BODY!  Love yourself for the absolutely beautiful and PERFECT person you are.  You are freaking sexy as hell and you just have to find your inner god or goddess and flaunt it baby!  Then if you wanted to lose a bit of weight or tone your arms or butt or tummy, you will still love yourself.

If you don’t love yourself the way you are now, you will never be perfect and will always find things you want to change or something wrong with you and that is when problems start.  When you lose your weight, you might want to continue you losing more and more or maybe do something more drastic like plastic surgery.  You are already perfect and beautiful and love and accept your body NOW and when you have achieved that, then set some reasonable goals and do it to be healthy!

Now, my challenge for you is to click here and check out this FANTASTIC article I found and repeat their sayings and do some of the fill in the blanks.  We all have our insecurities and I am confident but I do at times wonder if I could lose weight or perfect something about myself so I’ll even do a few of the fill in the blanks and my favorite mantras!

1. My body is a gift from a higher being and nature!

3. I love my butt and legs (I can’t just pick one).

4. The number on the scale does NOT determine my self-worth.

5. The size of my jeans does not dictate my happiness (It just means I have a great butt! :D)

8. I’m thankful to my body for allowing me to wear beautiful dresses and fill them out and for allowing me to see my family and friends, feel their touch and embrace and hear their amazingly beautiful voices.

12. Beauty is a state of mind, not a state of the body.

14. I am confident, loving, caring, determined and motivated.

So tell me!  What are going to be your life mantras and do some of the fill in the blanks!  Leave your answer in the comment section!


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