For those who have been reading my blogs for the past few days, you probably have heard about the Pit Bull I was trying to rescue.  Unfortunately, we were not able to find a home for her.  I tried everything.  Her photo was on my Tumblr several times, I sent over 60 tweets, I emailed people, I emailed pages I follow on Facebook, other rescues for advice and wrote a blog about her.  I have some help from others which was more too, like Caroline (you can read her blog here) was fantastic and put out a Tweet with the little Pits information, and some lovely people on Twitter, one even tried to get a radio station involved!  It was so nice and so wonderful to see people get involved like that, to save an animal, especially a Pitbull.  It made me so happy, I don’t even have words for how happy that made me.  It was definitely a lot harder than I expected knowing what was going to happen to this dog, even never having met her, and knowing that I couldn’t to any more to rescue her.

There were also some moments that were not as happy and some lessons I learned about communicating with people.  I had emailed one rescue that I had volunteered with before saying I have this Pitbull and I’m looking for a foster right now, could you help or if they had any advise the could give me about what I could do.  The president of the organization was emailing me and was very nice, saying they couldn’t pull her without a foster.  Then the president asked me if I was interested in fostering and I told her I couldn’t.  I have allergies and asthma.

My allergies are breed specific for dogs and beyond awful for cats.  For cats, even if I go to a person’s house with 1 cat, I have to take oral medication and an inhaler before I get to the house and then I have to cover my skin completely just to sit on anything because my skin can’t touch anything a cat does.  I have to do the same for some breeds of dog and I’ve never been around a Pitbull so I don’t know how I’d react.  I’ve also talked to doctors and they said even if I don’t have a reaction right away, I could develop a sensitivity or full-blown reaction.  Not only that, my entire family has allergies and asthma and my mom can’t take care of a dog when I’m at school because of health problems she has.

I didn’t explain all of that, I just said I couldn’t foster because I have severe allergies so I am unable to foster.  Then a second woman from the same organization sent me an email saying “Yeah no way a rescue will just pull with no foster especially a pitbull.Everyone wants them saved but not many want to foster. Im highly allergic as well but just have air cleaners and clean alot to still save the ones i want saved!”. I’m not going to include the name of the organization because it is still one that I work with and plan to continue volunteering at so I don’t want people to get a bad impression of them, but honestly after I received this, I almost started to cry when I read this, for several reasons.

First of all, I felt like she was saying that I wasn’t doing all I could to save this dog and I should just man up and get over it because if I wanted the Pit saved, I would save it.  At first I was so angry and had a really angry response planned in my head!  Of course I didn’t send that!  It would not have been appropriate to respond in that way, but I did explain my situation and how I have air cleaners in my house  and no animals and still have allergy and asthma problem and how her response was incredibly discouraging.  Sometimes when people are so involved in their cause they think that anyone who doesn’t or can’t do the exact same thing, they are just as bad as the problem itself, so they can get really mean.  I just thought that she was very mean in the way she phrased things and it really hurt me.  Being part of a nonprofit, you should be encouraging to those who want to help, especially one who has volunteered for your organization before.  To me one over zealous person or one mean person is not going to ruin an entire organization for me and there are still animals that need homes and that is why I do this, not to talk to people, haha!

Second of all, it breaks my hard to hear this emphasis on a Pitbull.  The hardest part about finding a home for this dog is because of her breed.  I have been connected with some volunteer groups that try to find homes for animals in the CACC, Chicago Animal Care and Control.  Not surprisingly, about 20 of 60 photos are Pitbulls.  We have been taught as people not to judge others by their skin color, religion, place or origin or other stereotypes.  If you ever tell someone you didn’t want to meet a person because of a stereotype, they would laugh at you and say you are being silly for thinking that.  However, we have never been taught that about dogs and it’s ok to discriminate and hate them for no other reason than their breed.  It makes me cry thinking about that.  If you don’t discriminate against people, don’t do it to animals. Please click here for an article that explain why the myths and stereotypes about PItbulls are wrong.

Some other news that brings excitement in my life is a fashion show I’m going to on Thursday night.  I have never been in the audience of a fashion show before!  I have run lights and sounds for fashion shows but this will be a fun change of pace.  I’m so excited to dress up and go out, I’ve been so busy with school and a bunch of other things.  This fashion show is to support WAR (Women at Risk) International, an organization that rescues women from human trafficking.

Also, for anyone who is interested or who lives in the Chicagoland area, I’ve started a Tumblr account you can check out here.  My email is  This Tumblr is set up to list some of the animals, anything from rabbits to hedgehogs to birds, dogs and cats, and hopefully find them new homes.  There is contact information for that specific rescue on there and their website or you can always contact me and I would have no problem trying to find an animal and rescue to connect you with.

Finally, there are a pair of cats, Indigo and Jackson who are in dire need of a foster home.  Their owners have moved and they need a new foster.  They only have a few days.  I have met Indigo and if I could own a cat, I would have picked him up already!  When Feral Fixers found Indigo, he was covered in blue paint (hence his name) and he has major health problems because of how much paint he ingested.  He didn’t move the first time I met him, he just laid there, drooling.  The second time I met him, I was standing by his cage, I didn’t even recognize him at first!  All of a sudden, I just something poking my sleeve and his paw was out poking me to get my attention.  He was purring and rubbing against the cage.  He was just so happy to have me talking to him.  He was purring so loudly he sounded like a motor!  I really hope to help find them a great foster.  If you are interested you can always contact me or you can email and that goes directly to Feral Fixers.


2 thoughts on “Frustrations

    • That is so sweet! Thank you! It is really sad and that is part of rescuing animals, I’ve just always worked with no-kill shelters so there was always some chance for them. Taking an animal from CAC is a lot different.

      We need people like you too! So willing to get involved and help! You are so incredibly cheerful and happy and that is what I love about your comments and your blog. Both are a bright spot in my day for sure!! 🙂

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