National Compliment Day!

In my excitement and enthusiasm about my conversation yesterday, I completely forgot it was National Compliment Day!!  So today, I guess I’m going to write two blogs (you can click here for the first).

I know I’ve written this literally 1,000 times, but for those new visitors, I love compliments!  Of course I love getting them, who doesn’t, but what I love even more is giving them!  You don’t know what kind of day a person is having and by saying one nice thing, you could just make their day so much better.

All of us are connected, no matter where we live, what religion we believe, what color our skin is, what language we speak, everything we do affects the world around us.  Of course, people can see the backlash of large things, political things, war, people see that and know that.  Smaller things, not so much.  When you buy your groceries, do you think that the products you’re buying might have been partially produced by child or slave labor?  By purchasing your product, where is your money really going?  Who is it actually support?  Just because you don’t SEE the negative, doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.  (There are TONS of organizations that seek to increase consumer awareness and just leave a comment if you’d like to know some!)

So we do affect each other, and just one compliment can cause a beautiful string of event.  If you compliment someone, maybe they’ll be in a better mood and then pass that compliment on to someone else and so on.

Since we affect everyone, why not make a positive affect one someone’s life in such a simple way?  You don’t really understand how much you can affect someone, how happy you could make someone, until you’ve experienced it first hand.  I know I’ve had really bad days, when it just feels like my entire life was falling apart, especially when my mom was in the hospital.  When someone would say something nice to me, that had such an amazing effect on my entire day and made me just a bit happier.  These people had no idea the complications my mom had in the hospital or that she was even in the hospital, but they really helped me more than they could ever know.

To everyone reading this, I think you are all amazing.  Every single person in this big world we live in has something they are just incredible at, a talent that is their passion.  Follow your dreams, take that risk, that leap of faith and always be positive because I know you can do it!  Love your life, bad things happen, but without those moments, you wouldn’t know how to appreciate the amazing moments in your life. You are an amazing person who will impact the world, whether it is a billion people or just 2, it doesn’t matter, everything is part of the complex chain reaction of life.  Always be bold and be yourself because you’re awesome and if I met you in person, that would just confirm that statement.

Now my challenge to you, celebrate this beautiful day and first give yourself a compliment.  Yes, I’m tell you to compliment yourself!  Go right up to the nearest mirror, look yourself in the eye and give yourself a compliment.  We can only love the world after we love ourselves.  Always love who you are because if anyone says you need to change your true self, then they are blind at the amazing person you already are.  Everyone has things they need to work on, but never change your entire being.  Then go out at school, the grocery store, work, on the street and make someone happy.  Compliment their eyes, hair, clothing, accessories, accent, smile.  You can do it!


2 thoughts on “National Compliment Day!

    • Aw thanks! That makes me happy that you can discover new things! 😀 I love your blog too, with all of your photos and posts about jewelry or accessories or skin care! It’s a lot of fun to read! I really liked the color challenge, that has to be my favorite so far! 😀

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