Real Heros

Today, Recycled2New attended the Frosty Claws event for Feral Fixers.  For those of you who don’t know or have just started following my blog, Recycled2New is my Aunt’s business and everything she makes is completely recycled.  She is a mailwoman and has many corporations on her route that just throw away: paper, color samples, thread, just about anything you can think of.  She makes notebooks and earrings and envelopes and scrapers and cat scratchers and more, out of all that!!  You can visit our Facebook at

Next Feral Fixers!  Feral Fixers is a nonprofit that my aunt and I work closely with. They trap, neuter and release (TNR) feral cats.  The friendly cats and kittens are kept and prepare for adoption.  This is a reasonable alternative for the massive feral cat problem.  Cats can have multiple litters in a year so their populations grow so rapidly that for a while  the county’s solution was to put them all down, which is awful.  You can visit Feral Fixers at to learn more and see how you can get involved if you like.

Now that’s out-of-the-way, the turnout was AMAZING!  Feral Fixers had over 100 pre-ordered tickets, which was a massive increase from last year and Recycled2New made three times the amount of money for Feral Fixers than we did last year! There were so many people I met/  I just love meeting people who are really active on the Facebook page, to be able to put a face to the person.  We also met so many new people who were just amazing.

One woman, my aunt knew because she was on her mail route.  This woman was 72 years old and had more pep in her than most people my age (22)!  She was tiny and looked so frail but was the COMPLETE opposite.  She was helping us move things and sell!  She was so friendly and when it came time to tear down everything, she helped us with EVERYTHING!  My aunt told her that I was collecting clothing for WAR (Women at Risk) International and this lovely woman said she might have some things to donate.  After the tear down was complete, she came up to me and we just talked. She said this past year, in the few months before Christmas, she lost her husband, son and her sister.  It sounded like her sister was sick for a long time and this amazing women said she didn’t know what to do with all of her sisters clothes and that this would be something nice to do with them.

I told her she was such an amazing person, going through so much and being so strong. I gave her a hug and she just laughed. Do you know what she said to me then?  She said “Well, some people are so much less fortunate than us and it’s nice to give to them”.  A women who had just lost her husband, son and sister in just a few months and right before Christmas told me that.  She is an amazing woman!  When my aunt came back up to us, she looked at my aunt and said “Your niece want to adopt me!”, grinning madly.

She also took the balloons left over from the event and was going to write notes to the family she lost and send them into the sky.  Then use the rest to decorate their urns in her house.  She told us this with a massive smile, saying that she was so excited she didn’t have to blow up her own balloons and how happy she was.

She never stopped smiling, you could see that she was sad and she missed her family so much.  You could see in her eyes she was hurting and sad, there was no way to miss that, but she was just so strong and positive.  It honestly shocked me when she said that some people we less fortunate than us, just what an amazing woman, I don’t have any other word to use!  She is an honest to God hero, an unspoken inspiration, motivator and a wonderfully positive person.

She is someone who people can learn from, a woman who has gone through so much hardship and sadness and she is still so positive and always thinking of others.  Every time you think you have gone through someone difficult, just remember, there is someone out there who is going through someone just as bad or worse and keeping their chin up, being as positive as they possibly can.  Just be positive and view every obstacle and hardship in your life as a stepping stone that really does make you stronger and with the right attitude and friends  and family, you can accomplish anything in the world.  She proved to me that it was true, she is my real hero.


2 thoughts on “Real Heros

  1. This is great. Age is just a state of mind! My husband’s aunt is this tiny crazy awesome and energetic woman who traps and neuters cats in Warsaw, Poland. She’s totally amazing.

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