Funny Moments

I just started school again and I’m just running around non-stop and this weekend it is off to Indiana, so hopefully I’ll have some good stories!

I was thinking of this the other day and it made me laugh.  My mom, sister and I went shopping for dresses and shoes for my cousin’s wedding so we went to Carson’s.  I found a dress with little problem and I love it!  The shoes are a different story.  I’m not sure if this is every Carson’s but the only Carson’s close to my house has a shoe department that can only be classified as a hot mess.  There is no way to get any service because they employee to few people and the poor employees who do work there have to run around looking for shoes for 7 different people on busy days!  I just feel awful for them because you know there are those customers who get angry with them when they are doing the best they can do.  I saw a pair of suede dark blue shoes, only 4 inches with a 2 inch platform that I feel in love with so we decided to wait.

We sat for 20 minutes and still no sign of our sales person, but we didn’t mind.  We all had chairs and have fun talking together.  We were sitting right next to the register so we could see all of the shoes everyone was buying, and being typical women, discuss their purchase! 

I saw a blonde woman step up to the counter to check out and then this little boy ran up behind her with one of those stocking footies (the ones they have in stores for trying on heels or sandels) on his head, pulled down to just below his nose!  He runs up to this blonde woman who I assume was his mother, sticks his finger into her back and says “Give me all your money!” and laughs hysterically!  I furiously tap on my mom and sister shoulder and they look over and we all start laughing.  This little boy with the stocking on his head turns around, making us laugh even harder seeing his distorted feature.  He looks at someone behind us and says “Dad!  I made everyone laugh!” and runs over to his father, completely pleased with himself!

It was so funny and a great moment to share with my mom and sister.  Hopefully it wasn’t just one fo those be there moments!  Only a little boy would run around with a stocking pulled over his face! lol

I would like get into my social awareness mode now to say again that January is National Human Trafficking month.  This problem affects adults and children, men and women alike.  Not only are women shipped across border from less affluent countries to places like the U.S. but there are so many children and adults in places like the U.S. who are being used for sex slavery in the U.S, parents who use their own children, infants, some only 18 months old, young women kidnapped on a date and men.  I’m currently writing several newspapers in my town of Chicago, urging them to put this problem much more in the spotlight than it is now.  I have a friend in California doing the same. 

Like I said before, we wear pink for Breast Cancer, see puzzle pieces for Autism and so many more and we’ve made such wonderfully positive impacts on the world we live in and have done so many beautiful things to help those dealing with these illnesses or situations, we should come together for the month of January and every month after that for human trafficking.  No place is safe from this, even affluent areas, like Naperville, IL.  It may not be the richest city in the U.S., but it is extremely affluent and they have victims too, one who had acid thrown on her face during her time in the sex trade.  She was taken from Naperville, where you expect to be completely and totally safe. 

If you are interested, you can check out my other blog by clicking here.  I have listed various website and organizations where you can get more information and one, WAR (Women at Risk) International, sells beautiful jewelry and items that are made by at risk and rescued women.  All you have to do is buy a necklace or scarf or earrings, trust me, there are so many beautiful items there is no way you can’t choose something! 😀  You don’t even have to read the entire thing, all of the links are located at the end of the blog and they are right there, waiting for you to click!


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