The Wedding!

I went to my cousin’s wedding yesterday and it was so lovely.  They had the ceremony at a country club that his wife’s father was a member at and I was just amazed!  I had never been to a place that fancy in my life and it was a really beautiful wedding!

I spent most of the night dancing.  It turns out his wife knew some of the people I used to hang out with in high school.  They go to community college together and are in theater!  I used to do theater in high school, not acting but as a techie.  I did built and painted sets, did props, costumes and the lighting.  One of my friends who was an actor in high school I find out now knows how to swing dance and knows the Charleston!  I haven’t danced like that in about a year and I miss it so much!! 

I went to this bar/club last year, which was small but if you show up an hour before they technically open you pay the cover charge and get an hour lesson on swing dancing and then dance the rest of the night!  It was so much fun!  I really wish my boyfriend could’ve been there with me.  I am completely determined to teach him swing dancing since he is completely incapable of dancing! lol  I’ve asked and he said he would learn, he’ll do anything to make me happy, except get rid of his dreads! lol

It was such an amazing day, seeing family I haven’t seen in a very long time and dancing and the venue was so incredible!  Sometimes I wish I could have that much money to have an amazing place like that to have my wedding, haha, but I have always planned a small one, just a few close people, nothing big.

I found out that my cousin and his wife had been dating for less than a year before getting married and that was surprising!  The way they looked at each other, you could tell they were completely in love and you can’t put a time limit on that.  She is just as quirky and offbeat as he is, not caring what others think of them and always putting themselves in the spotlight and not to mention she is just drop dead gorgeous!

I hope one day I’ll have a wedding and I know it will be just as amazing because as long as you are completely in love with the other person nothing else matters.  With the situation my boyfriend is in and his deportation, I find myself thinking a lot farther into the future in our relationship, more than I’d like to.  I like to take things slowly and its been only a year and two months since we’ve been dating and I met him for the first time just about a month before that but I’m thinking about what would we do if we got married and a source of income and where are we going to live.  I think when we get him home he’d live in Chicago with me, but he always talks about living in New Orleans because he loves it there and that worries me.  I’m excited to go to Mexico, but I want to do my nonprofit work here and I know this sounds so selfish, but I’m going to lose years in Mexico to get him home and after that I want to live in Chicago, forever with my family and my work.  It’s just so much to think about and it’s so soon in a relationship, it’s very overwhelming!

Life always throws you curveball and this is just one that I’m learning to catch.  I’m so excited fo changes in my life and I’m adapting very well, at least I hope! 😀  I’m so happy for my cousin, him and his wife look so good together and they love each other so much!  She is so sweet, I was so happy to meet her!  So congrats to my cousin and I hope he and his wife have an eternity of happiness!

Also, Happy New Years Eve to everyone!  I hope the New Year throws you curve balls that swing beautiful happiness into your life!


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