The Keys To My Heart

I’m a pianist and I have been for almost 16 years.  I’m classically trained, though now I mostly play Hispanic music and my love was reignited as a Freshman in college when my work load decreased.  Last year and my senior year in college, my school work increase quite a bit, cutting back the time I had to practice.  Then everything that was going on with my boyfriend, there were even more complexities than just his immigration, more personal issues.  They were so stressful I just lost the joy of playing, I had no desire to, I had lost that ability to play more than just notes on a page.  Emotion is what brings music to life, not just the technical ability to play all of the notes and without that emotion, I was just a recording, not a musician.

I did find a piece that temporarily brought back my love and unlocked with my heart again, Perfume de Gardenia by Rafael Hernandez (This is the version I played here).  I found simple music and then rearranged the piece to sound like one of Hernandez’s performances.  It’s beautiful and I love playing it.  That was last winter and since then I haven’t really played anything that I loved, just what I could get through and would sound good.

I’ve always wanted to play Once Upon A December from the Disney movie Anastasia, but I could never find a version that was at my level of play.  I want it to be difficult because I want the challenge.  I finally found a version that was beautifully complex the only problem was that there was no music for it.  I do have a good ear and only  have some problems transcribing bass lines.  This piece however, would take me forever just because therea re so many notes!  There would not be any chance of me doing it myself and to pay someone to transcribe a piece, it could be over $100, which I don’t have.

Just the other day I stumbled upon someone who had transcribe the piece on Youtube.  I emailed him and asked if he could send me the music and I’d pay for it, I just didn’t have a ton of money to spend.  He only wanted $20, so I paid him without hesitation and sent me the music and I am just beyond happy.  I gave it a quick glance and it looks perfect!  I’m so beyond excited to play it!  Click here to listen to the version I’m learning.  It’s arranged by Emile Pandolfi and so incredibly beautiful!

I’m hoping that this will reignite my love of playing piano.  Maybe I can even find a piano to play in Mexico!  I wouldn’t want to buy one there, it’s too expensive and then shipping it to the states would just be awful, lol.  I can’t wait to learn this piece and I’m so glad I found it!  Piano always has the keys to my heart, so I’m hoping to unlock that love once again.

NOTE: For those of you who haven’t read my last blog. I’m searching for a couple who I saw in Chicago on December 21, 2012.  The young man proposed to his girlfriend and I was able to get some photos but didn’t think to go down and as for a contact!  I would love for them to have the photos I have of their big day!  Could you help spread the word on Twitter or Pinterest or whatever social media you use?  You can click here for the full story and one of the photos. Thank you for your help!


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