So it’s finally here!  My favorite holiday!

In my house, Mom just love to decorate for every holiday Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentines Day, Easter, every single holiday and then there are the Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall decorations too.  We have a closet in our house just for all of Mom’s decoration and they are pretty decorations, not like tacky items littering the house.  I asked one year why she put so many up and she said she liked the way it made the house feel, how festive it looked and inviting, it was her personality welcoming those into our house, our home.  Everyone who comes over love them and I can’t wait to do that to my own place, my own home when I move out!

The entire house smells like cinnamon too! She has this little pot where she puts apple juice, cloves, cinnamon and oranges and just lets it sit there all day, filling the house with this amazing smell!  My sister love baking, something which I don’t have the patience to do, so the house smells like cookies or cake or something with apples.  She makes all these delicious foods with the apples we picked in the fall from the orchard we go to.

My favorite thing in the world though is to give people gifts!  I LOVE IT!  I spend all year listening and thinking about what to get people and then the search is on for the perfect gift.  Nothing beats the look on someone’s face that you love and care about when they open something they love!  Even when I was younger I always felt so awkward about receiving gifts, from family and friends, I would much rather just give them something! 😀  I know they get the same happiness from giving me something I love as I do them, but I would much rather never receive anything and just give.  Even when I was younger, I told my family to give my gifts to children who don’t have anything and mom pulled out our old Christmas list and I always asked Santa to give gives to those who didn’t have anything, my sister did too.

This year, one thing that I was so excited to get when I opened it was a fishbowl lens from my parents!  It’s a little daunting to have to use a manual setting every time I use it since I don’t use a manual setting that often, but I’m so excited!!  I want to use it to take photos of the city and graffiti since those are my two favorite things to photograph!

My dad’s family is going to be here in a half an hour.  I can’t wait to have everyone over!  I love when my family is all here, it’s nice at other people’s house, but it’s even better here at home.

To everyone who reads this, Merry Christmas!  I hope you and your loved ones had a lovely day today and throughout the year!


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