World Ending List

Tomorrow is the end of the world.  Even if it’s not, I really don’t know how to adjust to this weather forecast, I don’t have anything to wear and I’m not sure if my auto and homeowners insurance cover asteroids.


So considering that the world is ending tomorrow, I thought I’d write about what I love and hate about the world.

I hate most vegetable, I’ve never quite grown out of my 2-year-old self and there are very few that I’ll eat voluntarily.  I guess in general I’m a very picky eater, I’ll try almost anything unless the primary ingredient is a vegetable, this drive my family and boyfriend nuts. 

I hate Chicago winters, mainly the snow.  I like to look at snow, just not get my shoes wet or freeze or have the city put salt on the road which gets on my car.  If it would snow only on the grass and not on the roads and sidewalks, that would be better.  I can’t wash my car in the winter either and that’s one of my favorite things to do.  My car looks flawless, except in the winter when it is covered in salt and snow and dirt. -_-

I hate discrimination, anger and indifference toward people, everyone.  I don’t understand it, I don’t understand why color and gender and income level and physical appearance affect how you are treated or why that makes a difference.  I don’t understand why people are persecuted because there is a difference in their group, we are all still people.  I hate it.

I hate how it takes a horrific tragedy to bring a nation together and for the news to cover that, such a mass of people crying for the same reasons, yelling for the same reasons, being kind for the same reasons.  I think that should happen every day for our problems that happen every day of our lives and be broadcasted by the media.

I also love to see our nation come together after a tragedy, to see the support and tears and signs and candles and kind words for families and loved ones.  The idea of living in an individualistic society, controlled by Facebook and cell phones is a scary thought, but seeing how much people love each other, it’s beautiful.

I love seeing people do little things to help others or stand up for other people.  There are so many people who do this without recognition and then there are shows like “What Would You Do?” which really shows all the beautiful and strong people in this world (It’s on Youtube under WWYD and I highly suggest watching some clips, most are no longer than 6 minutes).  Then there was the Free Hug guy in Australia, Juan Mann (you can google free hugs and all the info. will come up if you don’t know about this, I think it started in 2004). 

I love waking up every day and seeing the sun or feeling the rain, the trees and grass, everything is so beautiful, even in the suburbs.

I love my family.  You couldn’t have asked for a better family, my parents and my sister are just amazing.  My parents might be strict, but they kept me in line and without that I would’ve been on a very different path in life and nothing good would have come of it.  I am capable and confident because of them and I know my entire family will always love me, flaws and all.

I love my boyfriend.  He is an inspiration in my life because I’ve seen him change his from the dangerous and destructive path he was on to the one he is on now.  He is always supporting me and I will always love him and flaws and all, just like he does me.

I love my car.  It was a gift from my parents going into college since I was living at home.  I’ve named him Jimmy and it’s not that I love him for the material aspect of what a car is, it’s because my parents gave me a beautiful gift so that I’d be one step farther ahead and less in debt when I graduated.  It was my very first set of bills to pay and my pride and joy.  I take care of him, wash him every weekend, pay for all the repairs and maintenance, this was the first thing I paid for with MY money from MY job, MY bills and MY responsibility.  I like that feeling of accomplishment

I love so many thing, this might hold the world’s record for longest blog ever if I wrote them all down a few more are: puppies, animals in general I guess, the color lime green, a good old-fashioned muscle car, drag racing, traveling, languages, cultures, arroz con pollo, pegao (my favorite snack!), car trip, wind on my skin, smiles, hugs. See what I mean? I just can’t stop!

So to everyone who reads this, happy pre-apocalypse and think of your list.  I’m sure good things out number the bad in this world.  That is always the case.  No matter how bad the world gets, there is always something good or something trying to do something good to counteract it.  Let me know some things you love and hate! 🙂  I’d love to hear from you.


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