Today I got on Twitter and saw a new trend #26Acts and I had no idea what that was so I went straight to Google and found that it was in memory of those who had lost their lives at Sandy Elementary School.  People would post their acts of kindness or say they were going to be part of this trend and include the hashtag.

I think this is great and I love how at times of struggle and absolute tragedy we can come together because we can all understand what happened.  We all can understand loss, whether it is the loss of a child, friend, brother, sister, husband, wife, it doesn’t matter, no one is cold enough to not feel for those affected by this tragedy.

I understand that for some people, they just post the wonderful things they do to show their support for this tragedy, my only sadness is that some people will put more effort into doing something kind because of this trend and then go back to their lives, not really thinking of going out and doing this naturally. 

Anyone who has participated in this social media trend that’s fantastic, show your support and do something that makes a difference in someone’s life, but don’t stop when the trend does.  Sometimes even a compliment can just brighten a persons day, it can change the look on their face and turn a bad day into a good one.  I know that’s happened to me.

I’ve written about this several times in the past, but I always try to compliment one person whenever I go out, whether it’s at the grocery store, mall, restaurant or on one of my bike rides.  Just the other day I told the FedEx lady I loved her hair and she smiled all the way out of the office and down the sidewalk and on bike rides there are always tons of people working out on the Prairie Path and I try to compliment as many as possible. 

It always makes me laugh though, either when I slow my bike down or tap someone on their shoulder, they look either terrified or like I’m crazy before I actually speak!  I guess I would be a little worried if some strange woman slowed her bike down next to me too!  It just makes me so happy to see people smile and laugh at the random stranger who just shouted a compliment on her way by.

My entire point in this is make sure your #26acts extend past the Twitter trend, when no one else is posting it, live your life by it, turn it into #365acts.  You don’t have to donate hundreds of dollars to an inner city nonprofit or adopt 26 cats and dogs from a rescue center or even volunteer (however I do strongly encourage you to volunteer 🙂 ).  You just have to look at someone, and everyone can tell when someone’s having a really bad day, but even if they’re not, look at them, smile and say you love their coat or hair or makeup or dog or car, man or woman it doesn’t matter.  Make it a New Year’s Resolution, give someone a compliment every day or every week!  It’s simple and easy and can really brighten someone’s day.

It is something so simple we tend to overlook the power a positive word or thought can have and how they can really impact a person’s life.  Start living by the #365acts and always work on making a difference, do it in memory of those 26 people who lost their lives at Sandy, do it in memory of someone you love or do it just for the reward of making someone smile.  Just do it. 🙂  Obviously if you want to do more, then go for it, but don’t forget if you can’t do more, little thing can go a really long way to some people and don’t ever forget that.


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