2 Happy Things Today

So this blog is going to bounce from one topic to the next.  I have two big things to talk about today! 

The first big event in my life is the Recycled2New giveaway!  For those of you who haven’t read my past blogs about this, my Aunt hates throwing things away, so now she literally makes beautiful, useful things out of other’s garbage.  She makes earrings out of aluminium cans, beads out of magazines, notebooks out of paper business throw away, envelopes out of old calendars and that’s just half the list! 

Most of the shows we do and all of the items that we have at the Natural Pet Market in Wheaton, the profits go to Feral Fixers (check out their website here and Facebook here), a nonprofit that traps and neuters/spays feral cats.  If they are wild then they are released back and if they are ‘friendlies’ they are set up for adoption.  What we sell online and one show so far, those profits go toward us and our expenses (NOTE: We ALWAYS let people know where their money’s going so people know when our profits go to Feral Fixers and when they don’t!  We’re always honest! 🙂 )

On our Facebook, I believe we have about 110 likes, which is so much higher than the 3 like we started with in August when I took over the page.  However there are only a few people who actively participate.  I really wanted to encourage more participation so I decided to create a giveaway.  Let me tell you, that’s a LOT more work than it sound like, but after about a months worth of questions and promotion and product creation and planning, it has finally come together and we have had a very successful day 1 of our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway! 

I was so worried no one would participate, but they did and everyone seems so excited about it!  I’m going to post tomorrow’s question later in the day I think, so more people can answer it after work, but I’m very happy!!  If anyone want to win some free stuff (all handmade from thing people were going to throw away) just visit facebook.com/recycled2new and like our page and get ready for some trivia!

The second wonderful thing happened when I was looking through blogs today.  I’m so busy, I rarely have time to read other writers blogs and that makes me so sad!  I love reading what other people thing and some blogs are so person, it’s almost like you are face to face with this person, hearing their voice as they tell you their story. 

I decided today to look up blogs about Mexico since that’s where I’m planning on going.  You hear these horror stories of violence here in the states and there is an incredible amount of violence in Mexico, things that the U.S. doesn’t really experience, horribly graphic murders done by cartels.  However, what Americans don’t realize that most of that violence happens at the northern and southern boarders because that’s where their ‘shipping’ business is and the prime territory to control.  Mexico City is relatively safe.  There is violence in Mexico City and killings and robberies, but when I go to Chicago, depending on where I am, I could face the exact same problems.

Anyway, it’s still very scary because I do worry about violence and all of the paperwork and everything like that, so I try to read blogs to put my mind at ease.  I found this one woman, her name is Daniela had you can check her blog out here.  I wrote her a comment about how I love her blog about her visit in Mexico.  Then she replied asking if I’ve ever been there and I told her that I hadn’t but was planning to move there since my boyfriend has been deported (click here if you want the background and explanation of that story). 

She was so sweet, kind, reassuring.  I had never met this woman before, but she was one of these people who is so lovely, it’s almost like being reunited with a long-lost friend and one of those moment that just can bring joy into someones life.   Another woman, I’m not sure of her name, I believe it’s Caroline, but you can visit her blog here, has been the same, supportive and wonderful.  Both of their words are so sweet.

I just wanted to write today about 2 things that made me happy.  I was originally just going to write about how happy I was the giveaway succeeded and it was just by sheer chance that I found Daniela’s blog and it just made me want to write about her and Caroline, who has left such sweet comments! 

t’s so funny how things can happen that you would never expect in a million years and how people come into your life. especially when I’m so nervous about leaving.  It’s also really nice to hear someone speak positively toward you when I’m talking about my boyfriend being deported.  There are a lot of negative voices out there too, especially since considering my boyfriend’s situation, you’d be surprised at how bold people can be with negative, hurtful comments.

I’ve met so many wonderful, talented, sweet people on this blog website!  I’m so glad I decided to do this!


8 thoughts on “2 Happy Things Today

  1. Oh dear, Thank you!! But you have nothing to thank me for. I’m glad to help and share a positive message out there, specially now that the world is kind of crazy. I hope I continue to make you feel better about Mexico and the world through my blog. There’s violence everywhere, which is very sad, but there’s also good people. I think that by spreading and having a positive attitude, sharing what’s good in our life, not just complaining about what we don’t like, is how we can start to change our perspective of what life is.

    Life is beautiful, really, and heaven is on earth, just within us, believe me. It doesn’t matter the city you live in. I’ve met people that left Spain to live in Africa, can you imagine that? They are perfectly find, nothing has happened to them. Mexico is a beautiful country, and it’s a shame what is happening right now, but I can tell you that all of my friends and relatives are ok, even those who live in Tijuana and Monterrey : ) (both cities in the northern border. By the way, I lived in Tijuana for 10 years, and in Monterrey during 1 year). I also have relatives and friends in Mexico City and they are ok too, nothing caused by the drug-dealers has happened to them. 🙂

    As I told you before, anything you may need, just let me know. I’ll be glad to help as much as I can 🙂

    By the way, I love recycled furnitures and other stuffs! I’m fan of several FB pages showing the before and after process. I love that! So consider me a new fan of your page!! 🙂

    Sincerely yours,

    • I am really excited to go, but of course nervous about leaving home.

      That’s exactly what I try to tell friends too, what people hear in the media isn’t like 24/7 everywhere in Mexico. There are problems with violence, but it’s still an amazing country and there’s plenty of violence and danger in the U.S. too. I don’t really think even people in Chicago who live outside of the city realize what is going on in our inner city neighborhoods.

      You’re so sweet! I was just so touched by both you and Caroline, I though I should blog about it! 🙂

      The facebook for Recycled2New is Facebook.com/recycled2new. I have a lot of fun working with my Aunt!! I actually make a bunch of things myself that I might start selling soon, but I’m not sure! 🙂

      Again, I’m just so glad I read your blog and we began messaging! You are really so sweet!


  2. Oh, and I agree with Caroline: don’t listen negative opinions, just breathe them in and out, and let them go. They are nothing more than opinions, not facts, and specially NOT THE truth!


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