My Passion

I am a very passionate person and very opinionated on many topics.  If you follow or have even read some of my blogs, I think you can tell that.  Sometimes though my passion can be overwhelming to some or even a bit scary, haha. That’s what I’ve been told by friends and that makes me laugh.

I think the last post I wrote (you can click here to read it) was one of the most passionate things I’ve ever written.  I wish I had the writing skills to be able to express that better.  I’ve realized that my writing, most of it, is one giant thought separated by commas, lots and lots of commas. 

I even transfer my passion to my school work.  For one of my business classes I had to write a business plan, I was able to shorten mine to 22 pages so it wasn’t complete because I know those can be over 100 pages easily, but it gave me such a fantastic insight into what has to go into a business and advertising and things like that.  I, of course, did a nonprofit, my ultimate love, and it is so important spreading the word.  I don’t know if people actually realize how important that is because eventually that will find someone who can donate or help out in some way.

Social media has massive effects on nonprofits as well, the ability to reach so many people when used correctly and not only that, communicate with those who you help, it’s so amazing.  As I talked about in my last blog, social media movements like #todossomosjoseenrique, those empower nonprofits that work in those fields.  They can use social media and say we help prevent problems like this.

The one problem with that is people’s passion fades, they all jump up and together once something goes viral, but just think about it, maybe it will last a month?  The first weeks is when everyone is really excited and then it slowly dies down and goes away completely like Hurricane Katrina.  That was an absolutely horrific event and everyone was pushing for help and that’s great, but what do you hear about it now?  The conditions down there are still awful, it’s not fixed for the few months we talked about it or even during the years that have gone by.  Those people still need help.  

The other thing that can happen to a movement is the only thought about it (I mean by the masses, stores, advertising, the majority public spreading the word)  during specific months like breast cancer awareness.  Every T.V. add says they’ll donate money to breast cancer research if you buy their product and you wear pink and there are walks and Twitter trends and Facebook statuses and then when that month is over, we wait another year for a mass movement for a cause.

Just because the social media, new media and advertising doesn’t talk about it anymore, doesn’t mean there still aren’t problems, the damage from Hurricane Katrina still needs to be fixed, people still are diagnosed Breast Cancer at times other than Breast Cancer Awareness month and the violence in places like Puerto Rico or even in Chicago is still just as bad as it was before. 

We all need to maintain that passion, get involved and spread the word.  Do you know a cancer survivor or victim?  Post a status on Facebook every now and then reminding people it is still an issue.  Do you hate animal abuse?  Find some local shelters!  You could donate, post a status, volunteer.  Do you know that some shelters, what they need are people to come in and play with the dogs and cats to socialize them?  Did you get out of a bad situation in a violent neighborhood? Find nonprofits there to talk about.  In Chicago, people in the suburbs don’t hear about those nonprofits because we don’t experience that violence.

Become passionate about something and don’t let it fade away because nothing changes.  Get some friends together and go volunteer or take a minute to share a status from a local charity or write your own instead of posting that you just woke up. 

I never knew how to channel my passions because I was all over the place, I wanted to help everyone everywhere.  Now I know what I want and I know how to help and have this burning passion that will never be extinguished when people stop talking about it.  Don’t let your passion come and go with fads, maintain it.

Listen, educate yourself, get involved, do something.


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