The Signature Room

So this is my last day with him, it’s a long story and that will be in another blog, but it’s my last day with my boyfriend for a very long time.

We went down to the city and he had been talking about this restaurant in Little Village he had been wanting to take me too and told me to dress nice so I just wore blue skinny jeans, a nice shirt and heels.  I get to his place and he asks me to wait downstairs, he lives in an apartment, so I waited and then I saw the door open and he was in dress pants & shirt and a tie and he just looked so good.  I’ve never seen him this dressed up before and he looked so handsome!  Then I was worried that I wasn’t dressed up enough and was almost in tears (I cry a lot, lol when I’m happy, sad, stressed, it just happens) and he had to calm me down.

Anyway, we get to the city and I still have no idea where we’re going until we get into the Hancock Building and the woman at the elevator asked if we were going to the Signature Room.  That’s exactly where we went, all the way up to the 95th floor to the beautiful Signature Room, complete with a pianist, panoramic view of the city 95 floors up and beautiful, fantastic food.  I got some amazing photos of the city and had the most amazing brunch with my boyfriend.  I just felt like a princess, completely pampered.  I offered to help pay since I knew it was expensive, but he said no.  I told him he shouldn’t spend so much money on me when he has other finances to worry about and he told me that money comes and goes and he wanted special moments like this with me.  I almost started crying again.

After that we got back in my car and went to the Lincoln Park Zoo which I’ve never been to and loved it!  I got so many great photos of the animals and it wasn’t that cold, I think it was only in the 30s and sunny!  We went by a small pond with Swans and Ducks and since I love bird watching I was freaking out because of all of the different waterfowl!  There were male and female Goldeneye, Wood Ducks, male and female Northern Pintail and male and female Hooded Merganser!  Goldeneye are so skittish and I could never get photos of them before and now I was able too!  He wanted to go to another animal house and was coaxing me to leave, but still stood next to me as I took all my photos.  Then he took me into the bird house and there was one room where the birds were just flying all around you!  I loved the look on his face when he’d point out a new bird, it was that look when someone is just really happy to make you happy.

Then we stayed until the Christmas lights were turned on and listened to the Christmas music and got hot chocolate and cider.  That was so special to me since we wouldn’t have Christmas here together.  We watched a man carve a penguin out of a block of ice!  I’ll have these photos on my Flickr soon (

I just had an amazingly happy/sad day.  I was sad since this was our last big day together, the last time I’d hold his hand or see him smile in person or hear him laugh in person but happy because it was wonderful.  He is so thoughtful and sweet.  He is a jerk sometimes, just like any guy, he doesn’t listen or understand why I cry every single time I watch the Notebook or why I still have the Backstreet Boys on my iPod or why I like country music, but he is perfect to me.


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