I Ate A Cactus & Thanksgiving

I forgot to put this in my last blog but when I went down to Little Village, my boyfriend wanted to eat at this cute little restaurant.  I can’t remember the name, but it was right next to the mall in Little Village!

First of all, I was addressed in Spanish which of course made me happy.  Second we got this MASSIVE dinner that was only $10!  It was huge!  Finally on this plate it has chicken, beans, rice, vegetables and a cactus!!!!!  A real cactus!  I’ve never been served a cactus before!  It was so exciting, but not as tasty as I expected.  I’d definitely eat it again.  It didn’t have much of any flavor, just a combination of everything that was on the plate and the texture of green beans.  It was still exciting though!

Now onto today, Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving used to be a bigger holiday in my family when my mom’s parents were alive.  We’d go to Dad’s parents for breakfast with that part of the family and then Mom’s for dinner, a big dinner that would last for hours.  Now we go to my Aunt’s house (Dad’s sister) and see my Dad’s family, he has two sisters and then my Aunt’s husband’s parents, some neighbors and my Dad’s brother calls since he lives in California.  In total there were 17 people.  We eat really early in the afternoon and only stay for an hour or two.  I definitely miss having those two holidays meals with each side of my family, but due to other reasons we don’t see my mom’s sister and her side, my Nana was the one holding my family together it hasn’t been the same since her death even though Mom has done everything she could.

I still have fun though! I love my other crazy Aunt Laura, who I do Recycled2New with (Click here for our Facebook!).  We discuss what  we can do differently and better and new craft ideas.  I took a bunch of empty wine bottles to try to make vases or incense burners or something like that.  The football game is on the T.V. all the guys are yelling at the T.V. and my sister and I sit there listening, I ask questions sometimes since I don’t every watch football, I get the idea but I want to know the little details.  This year they were talking about a purple Jesus, which is apparently some football player for some team.  Their house is small, so adults are in one room and ‘kids’ which include me and my cousin who are 21, my sister and my other cousin who are 19 and Aunt Laura and her husband.  I love being with my family and its so much fun!  Crafts and yelling at the T.V., food, the holiday’s are my favorite time!

I love the holidays and I can’t wait for Christmas!  Mom hosts Christmas and then Aunt Laura hosts Easter, but Christmas is the best by far just because it’s at my home and Mom is crazy with the holiday decorations, but in a good way and I just love everything from the family to the food to the way the house smells like cinnamon.


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