Little Village

So I finally got to go to Little Village and I was so excited!  One thing I love about Hispanics neighborhoods is all of the art and not just murals but bright, vibrant graffiti!  I took photos of most of the artwork down there (you can see it at my Flickr account if you click here).   I also went to one other place with my boyfriend with beautiful art, but that is another blog!

My boyfriend took me to a mall in Little Village and it was so much fun!  You have to barter for the prices and they have EVERYTHING!  I always had trouble finding jeans that fit because of my hips and thighs, I have curves and jeans seldom fit that, but in Little Village that’s not a problem!  I always had trouble finding shoes, a pair of boots that are cute and have the type of heel I want in the style I want and guess what, it’s there!  Not only that they’ll just speak Spanish to me!  That has never happened anywhere else.  Since I look white and look like I don’t speak Spanish speakers normally switch to English with me.  I love speaking, or trying to speak Spanish.  Even at a little restaurant we went to, I was addressed in Spanish!  This may seem like a weird thing, but it’s one of those little things in life that is just very exciting for no reason other than making me happy.

Everything is so alive down there, music blasting from store fronts.  There are so many colors and art and murals!  Most of all I just love not being in the main tourist part of Chicago, the busy, rushing part of Chicago and I’d much rather just enjoy a beautiful neighborhood.  Those moments are so much fun with my boyfriend, seeing him smile and laugh when I get excited about silly things like people speaking Spanish to me.

He always treats me like a princess too, offering to buy me every single thing I say I like!   I say no of course and since its clothes he can’t get it for me anyway since he doesn’t know my size, but it is so sweet for him to offer.  Money is never anything he thinks about with me, ever, if I like it he will always offer!  I always tell him I don’t need his money and all I want is to see him smile and that is completely true.

I love having these new experiences and going to places like Little Village with my boyfriend.  They are just such fun moments that I’ll cherish forever.


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