Statue Parks

When I was very little, Mom used to call the cemeteries statue parks so that we wouldn’t be afraid, but I ended up being terrified of cemeteries simply because there were dead people there, which doesn’t make a lot of sense.  It’s not like they could hurt me or anything, it was just the entire idea of a cemetery.

It wasn’t until my grandmother died in 7th grade that my opinion changed, it took a while but it changed.  Eventually they became a place where I could visit my grandma, I missed her so much, I still miss her so much,  and I could go talk to her here, just like I did when she was with me.  It might sound crazy, talking to myself, but it just make me feel better.  Especially now when I’m doing things with my life that I’m proud of and wish she was here to see, I can tell her about them.

I just had to do a project on the Eastland Disaster, the greatest loss of life Chicago has ever experienced that no one knows about.  The first place I went was the cemeteries.  They are full of history, tragic loss of life and bravery and love all right in front of you.  It was like seeing history first hand, but there is an emotional experience that you can’t get through a book.

I took rubbings of several stones.  For those who don’t know what rubbings are, you can use tracing paper and place it tight over a stone and take a pencil and rub out the impression of the images of the stone onto the paper.  I take them of my families stones because they’re a part of my family history.  I keep them in the box Mom has all of our family history in.

I love just going in and looking at the old stones and the art, the angels and trees and books and all sorts of statues  It is so beautiful how love ones choose to immortalize their family.

I just wanted to write this because I used to be afraid of cemeteries, now they are just beautiful, peaceful places that have nothing to fear.  People can’t live forever and they move on so cemeteries are a way to keep your loved ones alive with you still.  There isn’t beautiful in death because people don’t really die.  Their bodies go away, but they stay alive as long as you want them to.


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