Photography is on of my passions. I love taking a moment and then stopping time forever! I know a photo can only say so much.  I can stop time at the Badlands, but the photo, no matter how skillful the photographer, is never quite as beautiful as the real thing, but it does come close.  Photography has the ability to move people, touch people, make people laugh or just bring a smile to someone face.  If you want to look at some beautiful photography, check out this blog!  Her photos are just beautiful!

I love photographing art!  Especially art that no one sees often.  I love going down to the city, going to neighborhoods like Pilsen, Little Village and Humboldt Park because the graffiti and the murals are so incredibly beautiful.  The skill of these artists is so amazing and I wish I had that talent.  I just want it to be shared and seen by so many.

Between murals and graffiti, graffiti is my favorite!  There are some requirements though.  Personally, I don’t like seeing tags on homes or businesses that don’t want them there.  I don’t like the idea that people mark people’s home or living and I don’t think that’s right.  However, if it’s on an abandoned building that is old, decaying and nothings being done with it, or a bridge or wall that’s falling apart and not part of someone’s property then why not make the world your canvas?  Also, I don’t like anything that’s negative: insults, cursing, gang affiliated work, to me isn’t necessary.  If artists just want to put their name or image or something on a structure that isn’t being used, then they should go and do it.  It’s also fun trying to figure out who did what tag and if they’re well-known!  I think its beautiful and I want to photograph it and share it with the world!

I just set up a flickr account (  Please visit it and let me know what you think of my photography!  Any opinions or critiques are greatly appreciated.  I love photography so much and would love to improve my skills.

The picture below is of the Damen Silos, on Damen and 29th Street in Chicago, at the top right are the names Evol and Afroe (Afroe 42), two very famous graffiti artists in Chicago.  They were killed on the side of the Dan Ryan, probably fixing a tire.  Their car was hit by a police officer whose blood alcohol level was 3 times the legal limit.  It’s a very sad story and now this building has turned into a memorial for them.  You can see the skyline of the city in the background.  It’s kind of ironic, they were considered criminals and vandals in the city framed by a decaying building that has turned into a memorial for them, created by those they inspired.  One day I’d love to go inside, which is completely covered in graffiti and has become an art museum many don’t know about and that is closed to the public.


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