Today I Voted

Today I voted.  I even have the little sticker to prove it.  It was the first time, at 21 years old, that I voted, or even paid attention to anything more than the names of who’s running.

Part of me feels as though my vote means very little just because of our system and how the electoral college gets to make the final decision.  Even if the popular vote is one way, the electoral college can vote the other way.  Maybe I’m missing something, but I’m not quite sure how that makes sense.  I feel like so many other things, the U.S. is resistant to change, our immigration system and SS system are just more examples of needed change.  I hope my vote makes a difference.

I still feel accomplished.  As an American and as a woman, first we fought as a country for the right to a voice and then as a woman for their right to a  voice.  We are so lucky to have an opportunity to voice our opinion, to have a chance that so many wish they had.  We can state our opinion and not worry about consequences from our government, violent and possibly deadly consequences that other would face.  I feel so happy that I have this opportunity and this gift to vote and proud to live here, proud of my home.  I hope the election goes the way I voted, of course, and that our president focuses on the people and makes the changes we need as a country.

Today I voted.


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