My past two blogs have been really long, so I’ll make this one shorter.

I’ve been hearing on the news, just like everyone else in the States, about Hurricane Sandy. A lot of the coverage is about how the political candidates are handling the problem. At least the media has been covering the problem itself.

My heart goes out to everyone on the east coast and in the Caribbean. I know Puerto Rico has been under rain and fierce winds as have many of the other Caribbean islands.

It’s almost likes movie, I can even begin to imagine what is going on, especially in areas like New York and the states around there. The city is under water, the extent of the flooding and damage is something you hear about only in a movie, not in real life.

To all of the families and friends and loved ones who are in that area or have been forced to leave their home, I hope everyone is safe and staying hopeful at a time where hope is so important.

I can’t even imagine the clean up that will have to happen. We’re still trying to clean up after Hurricane Katrina and I feel like that has been pushed to the back of everyone’s mind, even before Hurricane Sandy. New York is a massive center of business and will not be forgotten about and neither will the massive shops and expensive areas. We have to remember that those places aren’t the only ones that have been devastated by the hurricane. Low income neighborhoods, suburbs and smaller cities have all been affected.  Not only that, but anywhere oil has spilled will never be cleaned up.  Those other areas be pushed to the back of our mind just like that damage from Hurricane Katrine and so many other disasters have been.

The news and media have once again gotten bored and have moved on.  Hurricane Katrina is not really heard about even disasters like the Exxon Valdez which happened in 1989 and there is still oil coating the coast there that will never be cleaned up.  We always have to remember disasters and how people are still living for ares that haven’t been fixed.

Remember people in so many areas and countries have been effected and we can just let these thing slip to the back of our mind.
Again, my heart goes out to everyone affected, the ones who have been forced to leave heir homes, the ones who have damage to their homes, and for all of those who might not live in those areas but worry about their loved ones there.


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