Petty Politics

I’m 21 and I’ve never voted before.  I’ve really never even paid attention to politics before.  I’m 21, about to graduate from college and until recently, I’ve never taken any notice of the leadership of our country.

Part of me is glad I didn’t vote before because I wasn’t informed and if I wasn’t informed, why should I be voting?

This year is different.  I think the only time I’ve been this excited is when I got my car! Maybe not that excited, but in all honestly, I can’t wait to vote and I’m counting down the days.

I’m not informed on every single issues that is up for debate, I’m not going to pretend I do, but I do know my opinion on women’s rights, drug policies and immigration.  I’m working through the subject of health care, to learn more about it in general and the subject of business taxes.  I understand the general ideas and where Obama and Romney stand, however I want to know the details too so I can form an opinion that is backed by something.  I’ve found that in my personal values, the way I live my life, are very conservative, however in larger issues dealing with the nations as a whole, I’m definitely more liberal, so in this election I’m leaning democrat.

Even though I’m leaning democrat, I am NOT a democrat but I am also NOT a republican.  I will never just follow someone just because they are a Republican or Democrat.  I know people who do, blindly follow someone because they are one or the other but don’t know their full views or are able to back up what they say about their candidate.  People need to realize that there are positives AND negative about each candidate, neither one is perfect and that’s ok because you’ll never find a flawless leader, ever, but people have to understand that.

I’ll only vote for who I think can do the best job, but I honestly think both candidates are idiots.  Obama hasn’t done what he said he would and from what I know about this Obamacare bill, I don’t like it.  What if Obama gets another 4 years and once again, nothing gets done? or very little gets done?  I want drastic changes and hope and I had to wait 4 years for something to be passed for immigration and that was probably just to gain the support of the Hispanic community.  I’m not arguing, I love the legislation, but I’m also not stupid and I know it was a political play.

Romney on the other hand I COMPLETELY disagree with his stance on immigration, I can’t even put into words.  Not only that I just don’t think he is an intelligent human being, it’s like he’s a puppet that just repeats a script.  I’m completely sickened when he says he can relate to Mexican immigrations.  1. Mexicans aren’t the only ones coming over illegally, 2. if they had the lifestyle that Romney has had all of his life I don’t think most be risking their lives to cross a desert to make money for their families.

Not only that his wife drives me crazy!  I know I shouldn’t base an opinion off someone’s wife since she won’t be president, but she drive me up the wall.  Her speech to Puerto Ricans about how she can relate to Puerto Rican immigrants and how she kept saying ‘you people’ in her speech.  Puerto Ricans aren’t immigrants they are emigrants.  The island is a commonwealth and Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens so we just migrate to another part of the country.  I KNOW that is nit-picking but as a political candidate’s wife, I think you should watch what you say.  The most annoying part is that they try to relate to immigrants/emigrants of the Hispanic community.  I was raised in a white community, I’m only 25% so my skin is white and I have white features.  I can’t say I relate to the hispanic community completely because they face discrimination that I don’t experience and I don’t know about all the culture so I’m not completely involved in Hispanic culture which is why I’m a mix of various cultures, but I have experienced some of the intolerance and stereotypes that Hispanics face and a lot is because of the immigration issues.  Stereotypes that we’re all illegal or in a cartel or deal drugs.  I’ve had that stereotype placed on my family before and it’s awful feeling, there aren’t words for the level of upset ignorance causes.

Politics overall seem like they are just a contest between Republicans and Democrats.  In congress bills are stalled forever because Democrats try to pass a bill but then Republicans get pissy and add something unrelated just to make it Republican or Republicans want to pass something then Democrats get pissy and try to put something random on a bill.  Why can’t they just compromise instead of acting like 4 year olds and actually do something for this country?  Stop making everything some stupid contest and work on talking and do something for the low-income areas in the country or immigrants or mothers or fathers or children or education or the people who voted you into office so that YOU, the politician, would be HONEST and do something positive for the country, make a difference.

Grow up and do something, do what you were suppose to do and make a  difference.  Both Democrats and Republicans need to just stop fighting with each other and actually work together and do something proactive for our country, my home and their home.  Settle your petty differences outside of congress or where ever.

That is my entire point and biggest frustration about politics, I got sidetracked about Romney and Obama because I see major flaws in both and I’m not promoting Obama at all, I do want to promote certain ideas and opinions of changes I want to see happen.  I just want people to be open to seeing positives and negatives in both sides and instead of yelling and fighting and focusing all their efforts on bashing the other side and work together and find a solution.  As we all learned in Kindergarten, we get more accomplished by working together rather than fighting.

Let me know what you think, do you think there is anyway for both sides to work together?  Or will it always be divided?


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