The other day I was driving to my night class and I saw the most beautiful thing. Off to my left was a small rainbow, the only thing was that there had been no rain. The sky was full of clouds, not the gloomy dark clouds that make the day drag by, the kind of clouds that are a fluffy cotton white and reach across the sky to eat the rest of the blue.

It was only a small sliver of rainbow that peeked out of the clouds and when I looked over to my left here was a matching piece. It was just one of those things that was so simply beautiful it takes you by surprise.

As I looked out my car window, other sped by (keep in mind I was already going 5 over) and bet they didn’t even stop to notice what was in front of them. They sped by the clean white clouds outline in gold sunshine, a good so brilliant you can’t even begin to put a price on it and they sped by the two tiny rainbow slivers, the rainbow slivers that had appeared before us just to remind us of the natural beauty of the world, a beauty that has almost has been forgotten.

Every day miracles of nature and miracles of people are overlooked, from a sliver of a rainbow to a smile. Notice these miracles and soak in how beautiful the world is every single day.


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