This month is Domestic Abuse Awareness month.  The entire month of October, all 31 days are supposed to bring awareness to the danger, pain, suffering, fear and death caused by domestic abuse.  What do we hear about it?  Very little.

There are stickers and car magnets for most causes, there are Facebook messages with the theme of the month.  You always hear about Cancer and Autism and Heart Disease and things like that, which are wonderful causes to support.  Most people in my family have had cancer or heart disease or have been taken by either of those so you know I’m defiantly in full support mode year round and even more so during their specific awareness months.

To me these diseases differ from domestic abuse because cancer, heart disease, autism, other illness, for the most part are out of our control.  We can take preventative measure such as not smoking or getting regular check ups or things like that, but we still don’t know if that will help the individual.  People who smoke all their life might not get cancer or it might take their life.

I’m not saying the fight for a cure and awareness should ever end, but domestic abuse we can do more to attempt to stop it since the cure is here, it is us.  Abuse can be verbal or physical, the victims could be children, men or women.  The man could be the abuser or the woman could.  MEN aren’t the only ones who abuse others, gender doesn’t define who can abuse people.

Everyone needs to play a part in creating awareness of horrible things that go on in the world.  One voice can change everything.  The reason we have such wonderful campaigns for cancer and autism is because people spoke up, people said something, people banded together, people just like YOU did this!  You have a voice so use it.  I know I don’t have many people who follow my blogs currently, but just tell someone you love or a friend this is domestic abuse awareness month.  I’m sure you’ve all heard that if one person tells 2 people and those 2 people tell 2 more and it goes on and on and look how many lives you’ve just impacted.

Use your voice and spread the word.  There are men, women and children who are hearing word that cut through them like knives, destroying their soul, every word feeling like a physical blow.  There are men, women and children who feel fists land on their body, inflicting immense pain.  Some aren’t luck enough to survive and be saved, they are killed.  The worst part of this is that all of this is that the victims are being hurt by the ones they love, people who they are supposed to be able to trust more than anyone in the world, they are being mentally and physically destroyed by their family and no one should ever have to go through that pain.


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