Humming In The Phone

It’s really funny how someone can impact your life and you have never met them once, the quietly, sung melody of an unknown song hummed over a phone can shape your entire day.

I work at an insurance brokerage, we do both commercial and personal lines so we do have customers die and have to deal with their homeowners or health or something like that.  It actually happens quite a bit and its very sad each time, at least for me, not a sadness like I knew them, most I’ve never even spoken to before but knowing if they have kids or a spouse, that’s what’s sad.

Today I overheard my boss talking about how one woman died.  She managed a school district that we held the insurance for and I felt like crying.  This really upset me and I have never even met this woman in my entire life, ever.  I’ve only talked to her on the phone.

You’d be surprised, or maybe you won’t, at the number of people who call up and scream at the receptionist when something goes wrong, like I have the power to change anything, and if the person they want isn’t available, they get madder and demand I interrupt the phone call or meeting or, I don’t know, teleport them back to the office with my amazing mind powers!  It’s really awful and makes me feel awful after getting yelled at by someone I don’t even know, so never yell at the receptionist if they’re nice because they didn’t do anything but try to help and just remember, especially if you have a business, you just got one bad review, so never burn bridges with anyone, no matter how small they are.

Anyway, tthe woman who passed away, she was wonderful.  She was one of the few customers that I got really excited about when their name popped up on the caller ID.  One of these people who was always happy and cheerful, always asking how you’re doing and seem to actually mean it, not just ask because that’s what you do.  Sometimes I’d have to run back to see if my boss was in his office before I transfered the call and then when I’d get back to the phone, I’d take it off hold I’d hear her humming.  Sometimes I’d just take it off hold and listen to her, she just sounded so happy and had a beautiful voice, it was something you just didn’t want to stop because it was just so simply beautiful.

Just talking to her, you knew she was just full of pure joy and happiness, someone who was almost bursting at the seams and the rays of light just shone through, even over a telephone and it was just contagious!  She must have given so much to everyone around her, and I don’t mean in objects or money, but just being around them with that type of joy and happiness?  That’s a person who was loved and gave more than she could even imagine to the people around her.

She woke up one morning with a pain in her stomach and went to the doctor and found out she had stage 4 liver cancer and passed away shortly after her visit.  She was only 53.  It’s just awful how such a beautiful person could have something like that happen to them while there are awful people everywhere, murders, rapists, vicious, violent people.  She was just so young.

I’m sure her life was full of love of friends and family.  I will always hope that even though she was taken so young, that her life was everything she wanted it to be and she was happy because that’s what she always seemed like.

It’s so funny to me, a single person who I never had the chance to meet impacted my life, brought me so much happiness just by giving kindness.  Whoever thought that a minute or two of humming into the phone could impact anyone?


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