Burn For Me

“When there is desire, there is gonna be a flame

when there is flame someone’s bound to get burned

but just because it burns, doesn’t you’re gonna die

you gotta get up, and try, try, try”

This is a song by P!nk just released and I like current songs of whatever genre, but I just love these lyrics.  I think they’re so beautiful and poetic and true and the video is just gorgeous, and this is just something rare to find in current music.

Maybe I just feel this way because it’s so easy to relate to this right now.

With my boyfriend, it’s complicated, there are complications between us because we were raised so differently but those aren’t the real complications, it’s the world, it’s the lines in the sand, it’s fear.  It gets really rough sometimes, the stress we both go through, for so many different reasons and then combined with the normal differences that every couple faces, everything just gets amplified.

Me and him, we’re like fire and gasoline, we create these burning, explosive, wonderfully bright flames that have yet to even dim.  Since our first kiss, it was amazing, every time he holds my hand, every time I see him smile, every time I look into his beautiful brown eyes, every time I’m within eye sight of him, the entire world ignites.

We’re like fire and gasoline in explosively, destructive ways too, like our fight the other day.  It was the worst fight we’ve ever been in and it was bad.  We weren’t just burned, we were both almost incinerated in the blaze.  Then it just stopped, everything stopped, the wind, the noise, the world, it all just stopped.  He took my hand, after we had both yelled, screamed, said awful things and cried, he took my hand and the world stopped and we fixed it.  Our burns healed, or at least started to, and now we’re stronger and once again explode into our brilliantly colorful fire and not just any fire, a fire of blues, oranges, reds, purples and greens that dances across the world leaving smoldering embers everywhere we touch that others to only wish they could experience.

I’m going to make some big changes in my life, for him, for us.  Once I get everything in place, then I’m going to be excited until I get scared again and he’s there to pick me up and be all my support when everything else crumbles under the weight of our lives.

I don’t expect most things that happen in my life, but this, feeling something where I feel so weak and so strong all at once, it’s so scary and so exciting.  I never want to leave this fire and I will burn for him for the rest of my life because no flame would ever destroy us, only be one moment in time where we become stronger, and nothing could put this flame out, we will burn for each other forever.


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