Just a Kiss

So I rarely follow celebrity news, but I heard on the radio about Jason Aldean went to a bar and he had too much to drink and kissed Brittany Kerr.  He left the bar alone and then the photos surfaced.  Kerr received so many ‘hate tweets’, I guess that’s what you’d call them, that she had to shut down her Twitter account. This is all from what I’ve read.  For the most part, from what I’ve read on Aldean’s Facebook page, the response toward him was fairly positive, agreeing that he just made a mistake.

I have a few things to say about this that because it really bugs me.  First of all, I”m a MASSIVE Jason Aldean fan.  I”ve seen him the past 3 years in a row and 1 time before that and the seats I paid for to see him, they were NOT cheap because I love his music so much.  I have every CD he’s released, clothing with his name on it and can quote any song on the spot.  Needless to say, I’m a huge fan.

The thing that bothers me so much is the negative response to Kerr.  She claims that she didn’t know he was married with 2 kids.  IF this is true and she wasn’t just saying that, then nothing is her fault!  If I thought Aldean was single and saw him in a bar the first thing I’d do would be to take a shot and go right up to him and pray I’d be kissing him by the end of the night!  He’s JASON ALDEAN!

IF she really did know he was married, then I still think it was Aldean’s fault.  As a single woman OR man (if the roles were reversed) you have the right to hit on whoever you want.  I personally think it’s sleazy to hit on a married person (or committed if you are just in the boyfriend/girlfriend stage) and I don’t think that makes you a nice person, but it’s the married person’s job to say no.  The one who is making the move has no responsibility to the person’s family.  In this case Kerr can be a sleazy person if she really wants to be but it is Aldean’s responsibility to his wife, the woman he swore to love and cherish for the rest of his entire life and had two children with, to say no, I’m a married man.  It was HIS responsibility to say no because HE was the one in a relationship.  If he did drink too much, it’s still his fault.  If you can’t handle your alcohol, then don’t drink or don’t drink so much.  At his age, he should know his tolerance and how many drinks it take for him to act inappropriately in public.

It seems as though women get the brunt of the hate in these situations.  Another well published event was Kristin Stewart and her director.  I’d like to point out that I am not a fan of Stewart and it is mind-boggling why she even gets paid to act because she is awful.  Yea she acted like a really sleazy person, but it was the director that was married with kids, it was HIS responsibility to say no because he was the one who devoted his life to someone.  All you heard in headlines was Stewart is so bad for sleeping with a married man, not a married man slept with Stewart.  Stewart should have received some of the negative comments because I believe, if I remember correctly, that she cheated on Pattinson.  It just seemed like most of the blame was laid on Stewart.  It would be the same if it was reversed if Stewart or Kerr were married and the director or Aldean were single and hit on them, then it  would be the fault of the women in my opinion.

Sometimes I think men and women are viewed differently in these situations.  In most cases, I feel, women are called sluts and home wreckers and men have just made mistakes or were too tempted.  To me, whoever is in the committed relationship, whether they are male or female, it is 100% their responsibility to deny those who hit on them.  The other party, the single person who does the ‘hitting on’ to me is not a good person, but they can hit on whoever they want.

I will still buy Aldean’s music, he didn’t kill anyone or commit an offense so vulgar that I feel I can’t still like his music.  In this situation, it’s not my place to judge him, I’m not the woman who’s heart he broke, that is his wife and her place to decide if she wants to forgive him, not mine.


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