Heels or No Heels?

My last post was about the Recycled2New event that I went to and we, my aunt and I, met a bunch of amazingly different people!  There were people with cat stories and other creators like the Scissor Sisters (www.scissorsistersaccessories.com) and there was one very opinionated woman.

She had opinions on everything from how you should eat to teaching to travel to women and we talked about EVERYTHING!  I think it’s great when someone has strong opinions that they stand by.  It’s fantastic!

However there is one thing that really bugged me, and it’s not really her because she isn’t the only person in the world that does this, but a general concept that I started thinking about.  That’s not my biggest problem, it’s these super feminists.

I am a feminist, I am a massive huge feminist and I even competed with men in was in Elementary school to prove I could keep up with any guy no matter what.  Now I’m active in politics and am a strong supporter of choices for women.  This woman in particular was one of these extreme feminist and one thing she implied was that women who wear high heels wear them because they have low self-esteem and the same with make up.

This frustrates me I can be an empowered woman and dress like a woman, I can have my 9 ear piercings and get the tattoos, I want and wear dresses that show off my figure and heels and still be an empower women.

I can go to my office wearing makeup and 4 inch heels and a pencil skirt and a form-fitting (not like ridiculously tight) blouse and look damn good and do any job a man can.  I don’t have to LOOK like a man to do it.  I’m a woman, not only that I’m a woman with a beautiful figure which my boyfriend loves, long legs, piercings, soon to be tattooed woman who is smart and can accomplish anything a man can and be their equal.

I’m confident about myself and what I do and don’t have low self-esteem.  I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses, things that I can improve about myself so I can become a better person because I’m nowhere near perfect, but being a woman means you can be feminine and be a feminist.  They aren’t two different concepts, they are the same thing because you are fighting for the rights of women so they can be women, beautiful, talented, smart women who wear form-fitting clothes or loose clothes, heels or sneakers, makeup or none at all.  Every single woman is beautiful, no matter what her hair color is, her eye color, her weight, her height.  In my heels, I’m almost 6′ 2″ and have all the confidence in the world.

The entire fight for women has been so we can have choices!  For example, when feminists criticize the porn industry.  They say that these women are taking away what feminists are fighting for, but really it’s none of their business.  If women willingly enter the porn industry because that is what they want to do then it is their choice and that is the entire point of the feminist movement, giving women the ability to make whatever life choices they want to make!  Just because I don’t agree with women, or anyone in porn industry because my view on sex are pretty conservative, doesn’t mean I don’t think they should be allowed to make that choice.  What is the difference if a man is telling you that you can’t make a choice or a woman is telling you that you can’t make a choice?

Don’t separate looking feminine with being a feminist, be whatever type of woman you want to be, but don’t think that those who like heels and make up and dresses aren’t feminists, that is just as ignorant as those who believe women should be regarded as something less than a man.  The entire point of the feminist movement is to give women a choice, a choice to wear heels or not to wear heels, a choice to make whatever life decisions they want without someone telling them what to do, whether it is a man telling them or another woman.


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