Never Forget

I haven’t blogged in a while and I really wanted to write this Tuesday but just didn’t have time.  As you read you’ll find out why.

I’m a German-Irish-Puerto Rican.  I feel closest to my Irish and Puerto Rican sides, but I”m proud of my heritage as a whole.  I’m extremely proud of my Irish side and me siento muy orgullosa de ser puertorriqueña.

So I’m a mutt, a mix of so many places and people, if you go really far back, like 16th century far back, I’m also Scottish and French (black French which were a mix of Spanish and French) and on my Rican side I could be Spanish, African or Tíano (the indigenous people of PR) and probably even more than that.

I’m an American and my mixed heritage is the most important part of that because that’s what makes this country so beautiful, it’s so mixed and diverse.  I’m extremely proud to be American.  I put my hand to my heart when I hear our National Anthem and see our flag, I feel beyond proud on the 4th of July and I love my country almost more than anything.

Yes the U.S. has problems, I know that.  I know our involvement in other countries and the damage we’ve caused but honestly I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.  I love my home and our freedoms.  I don’t agree with all of our wars, like what we’re in right now, but I will always support our troops.  Yes there are some bad people who you hear stories about, but the majority are strong, amazing, brave men and women doing a job that I can’t even imagine doing and they will always have my respect and prayers.

The reason I wanted to write this on Tuesday was because Tuesday was 9/11, the day my home was attacked.  I can’t even believe that was 11 years ago.  I was in 5th grade when that happened and really had no idea what was going on.  Everyone started hearing rumor going around school and then school was locked down.  I had to go to the doctor and mom was, I really don’t know how to describe it, but I knew something was wrong and she was upset and said that something very bad happened.  I was afraid.  My little sister was still at school and I was her big sister.  I was supposed to protect her.  Dad was at work and since I was so young I thought his work was just forever away.  It’s really only about 20 minutes without traffic, but I was young and scared.  Mom and Dad eventually told my sister and I that we were attacked and some people had crashed planes into buildings and they tried to tell us in a very gentle way because they didn’t want to scare us or make us feel unsafe, but I was still terrified.

I also remember that after those attacks happened there was a backlash against the Muslim community and that broke my heart too.  You can blame an entire country for 1 radical group, you can’t hate someone because of their skin color or accent or home country.  That’s like saying the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army in Africa, look them up if you have never heard of them) is demonstrating the way all Christian’s think which couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Even in fifth grade it made me so sad that people would or could hate and entire race for 1 group.

It wasn’t until Freshman year in high school that I actually saw footage, real footage of what had happened.  Mom and Dad didn’t want us seeing it when it happened since we were so young.  I never thought to look it up so I decided to watch it during one of the memorials when they play all of the footage on T.V. I couldn’t even believe it.  I just sat there and cried, thinking about all of those people who had lost their lives in the attacks.

I know there are people out there saying we weren’t attacked, but I have yet to see any proof and yea the U.S. has mad major mistakes, I personally don’t agree with the war or most of the Cold War (but I will never blame our troops for that and they will always have my support, whether I agree with the war or not) or our involvement in Chilie or Argentina, or a long list of other countries, but we wouldn’t do that to our own country.  I’ve read more essays, more reliable sources stating the Holocaust is fake than what I’ve read about 9/11 (and I want to make it clear that I’m not saying the Holocaust is fake, I’m just mentioning a different set of conspiracy theories).  It breaks my heart to hear anyone say that we weren’t attacked and I think it disgraces the memories of those who lost their lives and the families who had lost loved one and it is just cold.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this is mine.

I will never forget what happened to my home and I will always honor my troops and those who had lost their lives in the attacks and feel for those who were judged afterwards.  I will never forget and I don’t think anyone should.


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