The leaves would be the color of gold, so deep in their color that you’d just have to touch them just to make sure they weren’t actually gold.  Once you laid your fingertips upon them, they’d just fall of their branch, fragile and delicate, so soft. Before they’d hit the ground a wind would come and scoop them up, a sweet wind, smelling of that universal sweet smell, the one everyone loves, and those gold leaves would mix with pink and purple and red leaves, different currents pushing and pulling at them, making art in the air, thick waves of color.

The wind is warm and comforting, thick but still breathable, just think and soft like a pillow, guiding you along a path to the unknown, through the trees, their bark a dark chocolate-brown.  The wind guides you along the moss-covered ground.  Insects buzz around the flowers which seem too vivid and deep in color to be real and their aroma mixes with the air, almost putting you to sleep it is so relaxing.

To a lake, a lake of crystal water, a lake of diamond water, rippling and sparkling in the sun which engulfs you in its warm embrace.  You see foot prints of those here before you, animal and human alike and just sit.  You sit and feel the sun.  You sit and hear the birds and animals.  You sit and smell the wind.  You sit until the sun tucks itself under the horizon and the moon and stars come out to shine on you their beauty.

This entire time you feel no fear or anger or hate.  Only love.  Love for the world around you, love for those precious in your life, love for people in general.  You know in this moment that the world is a beautiful place, a wonderful, a place full of love and hope.

This would be great, a world completely full of love, however it can only be a dream right now.  We don’t live in a place like this and sometimes I feel like some people just live in these little bubbles.  They have their job and their family and their love and don’t see or choose to see real problems in the world.

People read newspapers, see that a child was shot and killed or a woman or man and say oh that’s so sad and move on to the next page.  That is a life, that isn’t JUST sad that is an atrocity that shouldn’t be happening and something should be done about it. 

There are also things that no one really knows about, like can you tell me about the Coltan mines in the Congo?  I couldn’t until this past spring when a college professor brought it up to our class for a discussion.  I was completely oblivious that the minerals in my computer, cell phone, camera and anything else electronic could have been mined by child slaves who are beaten and killed every single day (Click here for The Enough Project website to learn more & here is their Facebook).

I’m sure you’ve heard something to the extent of hate isn’t the biggest problem in the world, indifference is and that is so true.  Whether it is a donation or volunteering or even just spreading the word.  Get involved, form an opinion, make a stand.  Don’t remain indifferent and wait for someone else to do that work for you.  Anything you do to get involved, no matter how big or small is important.  Like I’ve written before, find something you’re passionate about and do your research.  I can’t stress that enough because you want to know about your cause and understand how the organization works so you can tell others about it and to make sure the organization is doing what it says it’s doing.

You’re life may be happy and secure.  I know mine is.  I have a great family, currently we are financially stable, I have an education and a job, but now I’m looking and seeing that there are problems, big problems in the world that people don’t think they can do anything about because they are one person.  I know I used to feel that way.  What can I do?  I started getting involved.  I looked up causes, found things to get behind and spread the word about.  I’m interviewing for an internship at WAR (Women at Risk) International (Click here for their website and click here for their Facebook where you can learn about the products they sell made by women they have rescued).  I decided to write blogs to maybe inspire someone to do the same.

So get involved.  You might only be one person but when you tell your friends and family and get them involved, then you’re a group and they keep spreading the information and before you know it, you have affected all of those people and helped a cause you’re passionate about.

You are only one person in the world, but sometimes it only take one person to make a world of difference.


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