Be My Hero?

Everyone has their heroes, the person who has changed their life or who the aspire to be like.  You hear mom and dad a lot or maybe some famous celebrity because they make a lot of donations and are successful or maybe they just seem nice.

Of course Mom and Dad are heroes, and they will be to anyone, they raised you and took care of you and you want to be like them, I know I do so I’m just going to talk about heroes outside of the family.

First of all celebrities are very hard.  Personally, I would never consider a celebrity a hero of mine.  Yes I do inspire to be like some, have the musical ability of some or maybe a job like theirs if they worked their way up from the bottom and I think many just seem like nice wonderful people, but to me a hero is more than that. 

A hero is someone who changes your perspective on life, makes you rethink your past actions.  Celebrities don’t do that for me.  Yea it’s nice they make large donations to charity, but why can’t they do that without making such a big deal about it?  Why does it have to be public knowledge, just so they can hear again how wonderful they are?  I know they say that they want to tell everyone about the charity.  Ok put a tweet out or write a speech, why do you need to publicly state that you are giving X amount of money to a charity?  Just do it.  If I was a celebrity I’d of course give large donations, but wouldn’t send out a memo to magazines stating how I donated so I’m wonderful.  Most times, to me at least, celebrities seem like not only do they donate to a cause they like but also do it go get publicity.  I know that’s not everyone and I understand that.  I’m not trying to say negative things about anyone in particular.  It’s just something I think about.

Anyway, celebrities, to me at least, aren’t my heroes.  Every day people are my heroes, like Becky the founder of Women At Risk (WAR) International (you can visit there website here).  She is an incredible woman who is so passionate about her cause.  The first time I heard her speak, she absolutely captivated me.  She created this amazing organization located in the U.S. and many other countries.  She saves lives every day and unless you know about this organization, you’ve probably never heard about her.

People are my heroes, the ones who risk their lives every day or ones who make a goal to compliment a stranger just so that they have one more thing to smile about.  They are my heroes and they inspire.

I’ve always wanted and do want to be someone’s hero, to inspire someone and make them think about their life.  I know my boyfriend has told me that I inspire him to be a better person, I not I’m up to hero status or anything, but I still made a positive impact on his life.

Everyday people, the farmers working their fields, the office workers, the volunteer workers, police & firemen, the average person who smiles at you, those are my heroes.  They don’t need credit or a fan fare telling them how absolutely wonderful they are, they just do what they do because it’s what should be done.

So to every person out there, everyone who thinks they are too small to make a difference, do something, take action, just give a compliment to someone you don’t know, be their hero.

To everyone reading this, would you be my hero?


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