Un Día a la Vez

My blog is called Un Día a la Vez.  In English that means one day at a time.   This is what I live my life by, my life rule.  This became extremely important after meeting my boyfriend.  Our relationship is something of a Lifetime movie, but more complex and we’re missing our happy ending right now.  There are a lot of external factors hindering our relationship and separating us but somehow I feel we’ll get through this.  Maybe one day I’ll even write about everything.

Every day, every minute, every second I have with him is an amazing thing, something I cherish and will always hold onto.  I don’t get a lot of time with him so any time I do have is really special.  I can’t think about what awaits us in the future, what hardships we’re going to face and how hard that’s going to be, I have to focus on the day I have with him so I don’t miss a second.  I have to focus on every kiss, every time he holds my hand, every time he wraps his arms around me.  Just take things un día a la vez and, at least when I’m with him, things seem less scary.

I guess it’s not really about enjoying each day like it’s your last or anything like that, it’s more like enjoying everything a day can offer without letting it slip by.  People are just so busy they don’t see how amazing it is to be alive!

Even just waking up and seeing a blue sky or feeling rain drops it you skin.  Every sensation, everything you see, everything is a miracle and a beautiful part of life and you have to embrace that.  Instead of planning 20 years down the road why not just take things un día a la vez and breath in the air around you.   Take a break!

Dont’ let life pass you by.  Today instead of saying I will do that or I want to do this, just do it.  I was always so busy thinking about the future and things I wanted to do, all of the volunteering I wanted to do.  I was so scattered, thinking of one thousand and one organizations I wanted to look into and work for and help.  Then I met my boyfriend and it’s like everything, every thought, every worry, everythingwas silenced and I could find my focus.  Now I’m politically involved now in a few issues I feel strongly about, I sent in an application to intern at Women At Risk (WAR) International (Click here for their website) and I found an organization in the city I want to look into volunteering for.  Not only that I’m helping my aunt with her Recycled2New business.

He is my rock, my center and without him I’d be a mess.  He holds me together when I’m falling apart, silencing all the worry and stress in my life.  Before him, I was losing myself in my everyday worries about the future, not enjoying the present.  All I needed was my rock to go back to the way I used to be, a girl who loved every single minute of my life with no regrets.

Un día a la vez.  That is my life and I love it


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