Beauty Turned to Miracles

Tonight I went out to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower.  I’ve seen meteor showers before, nothing big, I always felt like I missed it, maybe the wrong place at the wrong time.

This time was different, just incredible.  Seeing bright streaks shooting across the sky and it was nice, taking a break from my life, which sometimes feels like it’s just a bright, hot streak, zooming by for just a second and then it’s gone, fading away.

Our lives, every second just rushes by, always moving to the next thing.  I know mine is.  It’s like every single second I have 1,000 things to do: my job, Recycled2New, my non-profit work, all of the other volunteering opportunities I want to pursue.   I just feel like it has been so long since I looked into the sky and really SAW it, really looked and saw all of the stars, each twinkling light in the sky.  It’s such a miraculous thing, knowing that the majority of those little lights have probably already died.  They no longer exists, but the light takes such a long time to travel from where that little star is to here, it looks like it is still there, just blinking in the pitch black.

Our lives don’t work like that, lingering on physically.  We only stay in the memories of our loved ones.  This is the one life we get and sometimes you need to take a break and look up at the stars.  It is really a miraculous event, just seeing those little lights burst in the sky and create a long streak and just vanish, gone.  There are rare moments in life, moments that just touch you deeper than just being something beautiful, they reach deep inside, pulling out what is the most beautiful part of being human, being able to realize all the beauty in the world and having it strike you in such a way that for a moment you are just stunned until you realize what is actually happening.

Another beautiful white-hot streak in our lives that only a few seconds but is in your memory forever is hearing three simple words.  Yea those words, the words that are a promise, where you are promised to do everything physically possible to make those three words last forever, to keep that white streak hot and glowing for all time.  The words “I love you”, the words that lead you to that moment, the moment when you are just stunned, feeling something so deep and incredible, its indescribable, a feeling that you just can’t replace or imitate.

Life is always passing you by, going so fast, shining so brightly and then disappearing, gone just like that and you miss the chance to look at it, just take the time to see what beauty is around you.  You have to take the time to look at everything and take in those moments, the incredibly emotional moments, reaching so deeply within your soul you don’t even know how to explain what it means to you, you don’t have the words for that other person.

Never let life shine and disappear.  It is just to amazing to let slip by and always always always cherish those moments, whether its watching a meteor streak through the star-scattered black-velvet sky or someone promising to be devoted to you and only you.  Those moments are just too brilliant let pass.


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